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We only got an inch or two of snow last night, very manageable. But the mercury did drop and it was quite cold. Upon starting to warm the studio this morning I saw that the pots I threw yesterday froze.
Also frozen were some that I had trimmed and were drying. I was going to switch to white clay tomorrow, now that the red pots made are destined to be a pile of slip I don't know.Beware! frozen pots behind cut )
I don't believe I'm marooned, I'm pretty sure I can get into town today, [ profile] dancing_guru is going to help me bring the Trooper back to the house. I hope it is all raring to go after seeing the car Doc.
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We have had a lot of snow. It has snowed every day and is really piling up. But recently it has become wetter than the dry fluffy stuff. So in the midst of my flu last night, an avalanche slid off the roof of my front porch into the front window breaking part of it out. This means I have snow in the house. And then the electricity (includes heat, water, telephone)went out with me not feeling strong enough to take measures.

Things are more or less back to usual now. The electricity is back on after about 8 hours. I have cardboard over the broken window, Adam and [ profile] dancing_guru are here bringing gifts of presto-logs (my wood source and path to it are covered in snow) for my back-up heat source; and are shoveling the snow away from the broken window. (Although the snow was thick & heavy enough to provide some insulation).

Amby won't let me out of his sight. He sticks to me like glue. He is a faithful hound.
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This morning I awoke to a cold bedroom, this caused me to leap out of bed in fear. A cold house means it got unexpectedly cold overnight and there was the possibility that all the work I had done over the past few days had been ruined by freezing. I spent Friday thawing out everything and re-wedging clay, then the next days were spent throwing and trimming bowls for the Palouse Potters Guild Empty Bowls project. I was particularly careful to remove throw lines & make both the interior and exterior smooth and a gradual slope for underglazes & maiolica. I hope to have several small workshops for people to decorate the bowls intended for donation.

Luckily, there was no freezing in the studio, so all was well there, if nippy.

green bowls )

I also got stuck in the driveway again. Because the walls of snow are so close I have no turn-around area and have to back up the 1/8th of a mile to my house. But for the first time I got wedged in and instantly created ice-fishing quality ice under the tires. This is undoubtedly because at the time I was congratulating myself at my mad driving skillz. I will never congratulate myself again! grrrr. [ profile] dancing_guru and Adam had to come and help me get out.
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I spent the day shoveling snow (gasp, wheeze). My muscles are aching, tingling, and doing all kinds of screaming behaviors.

My earlier guess was that the snow over my sidewalk that had been shoveled the night before was waist high was wrong; it was chest high. Of course, I may not be the tallest person on your f-list ;-). An interesting effect, this is the first time I’ve seen ‘air holes’ in the snow. The little areas that keep avalanche survivors alive.

My goal was to shovel out enough that I could get to the car, which I parked down the road away from the worst drifting, by 2:00pm in hopes of getting to town. Alas, I didn’t meet the goal until after 5:00pm and I felt it wasn’t a good idea to set out after dark. Tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be worse with 7 inches of snow predicted, which means I will get much more than that; and 30 mph winds, which means I will get heavier winds. I really, really, really hope the shoveling today wasn’t in vain. I tried to pat down snow berms when I shoveled it out in hopes they would slow the wind damage.

This is Amby on my front sidewalk. I am afraid to let him off the leash. His predecessor dog, Clara, once fell through deep snow into water below it and it was just good luck that we found her in time. Too scary.

Last night

Feb. 6th, 2008 06:31 am
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It showed probably another 6" and the wind and drifting went on all night long. WHAT IS IT WITH THIS WINTER STUFF?
I don't know if I am marooned, but it will take a couple of hours of shoveling just to get to my car to tell. It is over waist high of the fluffy light stuff over my sidewalk that had been shoveled down previously.

Another problem is I haven't been able to set out my garbage or empty my compost. I can't get to the compost bin which is covered with snow (I'm not absolutely certain where it is, I hope I don't step in it ...but at least it would be frozen). The garbage would either get blown all over the highway or covered with snow. I now know that it is a raccoon getting into it. They may think they are cunning, but they leave foot prints ha!. Actually there are probably both feral cats and coons, but the most recent midnight raid was a raccoon.
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Some sunshine!
so some pictures )
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No improvement here.
I got hold of Snow Plow Guy who said I was low on his list of priorities. Well, not exactly in those words, but he has a lot of places to plow before mine and today looks unlikely too. He says town (Moscow) is a mess. I wouldn't know being unable to see it and judge for myself.

I walked to the mailbox yesterday and it was one of the worst hikes I have ever taken. Deep, deep, snow and wind blowing in my face all the way. But again with the priorities, there was the fact that I had to mail my Netflicks. ;-)

I have enough heat for 12 more days assuming the electricity doesn't go out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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I'm still marooned, I can't get out no one else can get in.

I suppose I could sit back and enjoy my enforced vacation, but I am too much of an A type personality to do that. I probably wouldn't have driven to work today even if my car was accessable because the highway has visibility of 100 feet & that isn't enough for the serious drifting and blizzard conditions.

Snow plow guy didn't come yesterday, my guess is the roads he had scheduled to plow before mine were so difficult to clear that he underestimated the time it took. Today is worse than before, so I might ask him to wait until tomorrow to plow, there is still snow predicted Friday, but less wind. Yesterday I shoveled quite a bit, but the wind and snow filled in all my efforts.

While I won't say I'm panicing, I have run out of shredded wheat and am unable to get more. THAT is the kind of suffering I am going through.
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Weather-wise it is awful outside. In the little path through the snow Amby & I have made I've noticed what appears to be cat scat (and I don't mean the jazz kind). This is making me wonder if the animal(s) getting into my garbage are feral cats.
I feel sorry for a fuzz in this weather and would like to put out food for feral cats. I just want to make certain I am not feeding raccoons, those critters are on their own.
Any hints for feeding feral cats and not raccoons?
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It is still very hot here, a little over 100f. My house stays pleasant enough, but the studio got so hot I abandoned ship by 1:00pm. Mind you, there have been times I was under a deadline and braved the heat, but my next deadline is far enough away I can foolishly ignore it ;-)

The kiln didn't come today :-( *sigh* I was looking forward to trying it out this weekend. However, the shipping company phoned to make sure I would be home Monday for delivery.
You can bet I will be.
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Yesterday I trimmed, decorated and pulled handles. Today I am going to glaze as soon as the studio heats up. I really have let the bisqueware build up. I re-checked that new excellent faux-Tudor green glaze and it is good to go, other than being quite runny. Sunday I will work on taxes again, bleh.

This is another day of slogging through the snow to get to the studio, (it's not really that deep). After last beautiful Saturday I was decieved into believing Spring was here.
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Lots of winter weather entries in LJ this week.
My latest winter weather is that I didn't sleep well because I was worried the car wouldn't start because of bad weather. It was so cold last night I left the faucets dripping, and fussed with the car as I could, but there wasn't much I could do. The last two oil dipstick heaters I bought didn't work worth $#@&, and taking the battery into the house then re-installing it is awful on so many levels.
But, it did turn over this morning and is warming up now.
Hey, that means no excuse for missing work :-< !

Any suggestions for keeping cars going gratefully accepted.
Yes, I should know how, I've been living here all my life, but my best solution was always phoning Dad.
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Today was pretty good in the studio. I got some pots made I am pleased with, in anticipation of the Holiday Sales venues. I wish I could do this full time.

Other things didn't go so well, among which was that I tried to get snow tires put on my car, but there was a 5 hour wait to have it done at the tire places. The thought of sitting in their miserable little waiting room for 5 hours seemed less than pleasant. So I immediately formulated a plan that it doesn't snow until later next week and I get my tires put on in Lewiston early in the week. Lewiston is a smart enough town not to let it snow, so Lewiston Les Schwab is less likely to be crowded.

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