Jun. 11th, 2009

morgaina: (Reality ruins)
Not the most rewarding kiln opening I've had. The biggest disappointment was the stools, which were so severely cracked I couldn't exhibit them. I might put a bead of silicone on them and keep them outside. The glaze and design turned out nicely. This only adds to the frustration.

Then there were the other pots for ArtWalk, inspired by the Lascaux Cave paintings. They are OK but didn't turn out like I had hoped. I used a mouth atomizer to spray glaze & slip as a background on them, I obviously didn't have it concentrated enough (although I personally almost passed out from the blowing) leaving too pristine a white for the background. I think the idea is great though and worth pursuing. I'm going to keep trying with it. However, I have to fill an entire kiln, so if the if the results are mediocre or poor, I've wasted an entire load.

The best ones were due to the brilliant Miss [livejournal.com profile] dancing_guru who encouraged me not to put glaze over the top of two of them. She was so right. If anyone wants to know why you should have adult children, it is because they give, without question, the most useful, honest, and tactful critiques I get. When working on a project, I have so often wished they were around for suggestions/advise/honest appraisal.

I have to go set up my ArtWalk display in a couple of hours. Wish I felt better about my pots.
This was the due date for "Madame Chair" so that is right out.
here are some pics anyway )

One of the real positives is that at last I have found some images of horses that aren't such cliche images (to me anyway) as so many horses on ceramics feel like.

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