Jan. 5th, 2016

morgaina: (snow)
My pellet stove went out last week and didn't work for about 5 days. I phoned the repair place, but they couldn't send a repairman out until today. It was below freezing and I heated with space heaters and a small wood cook stove. I bought a new space heater and was impressed with how much more efficient they are now than they used to be. Since I had the pellet stove repaired last November too, I seriously considered heating just with space heaters. I rather dread looking at my next electric bill though.

I am doing something I haven't done in ages, making myself garb for this weekend. I saw that my best tunic, which I wear the most has a hole in it just from use. Plus one of the goals I had/have for retirement was to get better at sewing construction. How pattern pieces fit together is very confusing to me. Not a talent I was born with, but I believe it will get better with practice. Plus I have a great stash of wonderful fabrics from visiting the Los Angeles fabric district and the Cambodian silk merchants.

I’m really looking forward to 12th Night and getting far away from the Palouse. Hope the roads are good.

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