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Some things out of my latest kiln load.

I did a lot of glaze experimentation in this load, two of the new glazes, out of about 12 experiments came out well enough that I will make them again. The good ones are modern-style glazes however. The quest for perioid glazes is still not at an end it appears.

This modern set is a commission for the baby of a family who raises sheep. Because it's for a child who will be learning to eat by himself someday, I made the rim of the plate curved in so he will be able to scoop his food to the edge and feed himself more successfully. The design was using underglazes and I enjoyed it enough that I am going to use the basic design again, maybe with bears and bulls like [ profile] loupnoir suggested.

Another modern, The top blue is one of the new glazes I plan to re-use. The black lines are a faux cuerda seca, which is going to obsess me for awhile I think.

Coffee maker and server. I Might try making a coffee server for a Norman style tripod jug.

Green coffee maker/server. Holds a bit more than 7 cups.

Two aquamaniles, made for a local feast I am organizing in September.

Bowl from Byzantine Serres. This is low-fire and hold not quite 2 qts.

Another low-fire Byzantine bowl, the shape often seen in MiddleEastern, Byzantine ware. I suspect part of the reason for the shape was lack of plastic clay available in the Middle East and having to work with hard paste.

Small Byzantine low-fire set.
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