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Yesterday was hot and muggy. I drug around not getting much accomplished. Thus it was a real surprised when a non-forcasted thunder and rain storm happened last night. Not good news to me because 1) I did a pit firing (it was completed thankfully and only one pot broke as a result. 2) I had a large cloche outside drying in the hot sun, 3) I had a large sculpture outside drying in the hot sun, 4) I had a 2 part plaster mold for the severed head curing in the hot sun. 5) My brazier was uncovered, my car windows down.
Eek all around.
Although the rainstorm left a beautiful, cooled-off day today.
Most of the pit pots turned out well.

I like the carbon clouds on this one. It's intended as a decorative vase so I'll wax it. It is burnished red iron oxide with the design carved through the RIO.

This is allmost 1 qt. size, just burnished white clay.

Also burnished white clay and larger than a quart in size.

This one is my favorite out of the firing. It's a large tumbler and I like the way the carbon is in the carving lines, burnished terra sigilatta.

Several of the tumblers together. Various surface treatments.

Bright! Shield your eyes, this is the raku vase done on Saturday.
[ profile] loupnoir for all of these I took them outside on an overcast day. Hey you're smart ;-)
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