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Thought I better hurry and do a December post because Christmas Icon.

This is going to be another non-holiday for me. Last time it was hard, but I am aware that's how not all, but most of my Holidays are and are going to be. However, ETSY sales have been amazing this season.

Amby was particularly non-brain today. Underneath my house I have about 1& 1/2 foot of standing water, yes, I know thats bad but I cant do anything about it. During one of Amby's walk abouts, he got under the house. I heard him howling because he couldn't get out again. I could see him, but didn't think I could get under there to rescue him. He was just too afraid to come through the water. I found some long ware boards from my studio, laid on the wet ground leading to the hole holding them, and made kind of a gang plank for him to cross to safety. But he was afraid and kept crying. I really didn't want to crawl under there on my hands and knees through icy mud-water to get him, and didn't know if could do it, so I tried coaxing him out with a treat. He almost didn't come anyway, and I was going to open a can of tuna, his favorite food, when he decided to try the gangplank. He managed to escape leaving us both muddy and chilled, but then he was perfectly happy, got his treat, and I was left grumpy.
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We got a day off today as comp time for a training we endured before work started at the beginning of the school year. This is a big yay! of course, but I wish I could spend it in the studio rather than cooking and cleaning for tomorrow. Still 'tis good. [ profile] dancing_guru was giant help when she came over Sunday and doing a lot of pre-cooking and tidying up for me. This meant I can do some different things such as making the potatoes and turkey more interesting (due to inspiration from my lj f-list.)

As usual, the whole family won't be here *sigh*. HGS couldn't afford to come home, we'll get him home for Christmas by hook or crook tho. It probably bothers me when they are alone on a holiday more than it does them. The Guadalahara kids are going to visit the ruins of Teotihuacán on t-day and are excited about that. I would be too.

Having some "challenges" here. My oven isn't working right. Argh! What a terrible time to have trouble. I plan to get up several hours earlier to start the bird in the oven. If worse comes to worse I will fire up the old wood cook stove for the cooking.

I am sorry to report Amby's behavior has been terrible. On two occasions he shoved past me and ran outside, then wouldn't come again when called. He circles past me at a dead run with a goofy grin on his face. He comes close enough that I can't quite reach him, I can imagine him saying: "nyah, nyah". When a friend came over to talk pottery he made a complete dork out of himself; he also jumped on the counter and ruined a pie crust when I turned my back for just a second. All of this before 12:00 noon. This is the thanks I get for buying him a new toy today.
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I just got a chuckle out of this picture.
I was taking photos of [ profile] dancing_guru's Halloween Costume (which was a Mafia Don). Amby got into trouble with her during the photo shoot so she gave him a censorious look. Although he appears chastised, his behavior did not improve.

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Amby goes to the doggie surgeon to get his eye trimmed tomorrow morning. We are assured it isn't dangerous, but his family is standing by.
You may send flowers and cards to Moscow Animal Clinic. But a word to the wise is do it fast, I have to pick him up again by 3:30pm.
Also, covered dishes can be delivered directly to the house. I'll see he gets them.

Amby is

May. 14th, 2008 09:05 pm
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not a chill dog. He broke my favorite mug and tried to hide the shards.
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Even though there was some light when I got up this morning I am soooo sleepy. Must wake up before I start for work.

Yesterday afternoon [ profile] dancing_guru, Adam and I burnt some of the dead grass around the place. I bought a weed-burner. And after using it I realized a book of matches would be equally effective to get the weeds started. Still it isn't as authentic to scream "FLAME ON" while trying to strike a match as it is using the flame thrower of might.
The weeds cooled quickly because Amby, for some reason known only to him, chose to walk through the burnt grass and got unbelievably sooty, what a mess. Then I had to defend his intelligence yet again to DG. He doesn't make my job easy.

Kiln is fired, it was too hot to unload yesterday, so I have to wait until this evening to see the results and all our bowls. Difficult to wait.
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I spent the day shoveling snow (gasp, wheeze). My muscles are aching, tingling, and doing all kinds of screaming behaviors.

My earlier guess was that the snow over my sidewalk that had been shoveled the night before was waist high was wrong; it was chest high. Of course, I may not be the tallest person on your f-list ;-). An interesting effect, this is the first time I’ve seen ‘air holes’ in the snow. The little areas that keep avalanche survivors alive.

My goal was to shovel out enough that I could get to the car, which I parked down the road away from the worst drifting, by 2:00pm in hopes of getting to town. Alas, I didn’t meet the goal until after 5:00pm and I felt it wasn’t a good idea to set out after dark. Tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be worse with 7 inches of snow predicted, which means I will get much more than that; and 30 mph winds, which means I will get heavier winds. I really, really, really hope the shoveling today wasn’t in vain. I tried to pat down snow berms when I shoveled it out in hopes they would slow the wind damage.

This is Amby on my front sidewalk. I am afraid to let him off the leash. His predecessor dog, Clara, once fell through deep snow into water below it and it was just good luck that we found her in time. Too scary.
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Point the first: When Amby has diarrea it is sad on multiple levels.

Point the second: Although I don't live in Eugene, Birkenstocks are my shoe brand of choice, they suit my life. Still, it is very, very difficult to clean poop out of Birkenstock treads.
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See you a picture of the wolf-cousin who guards my lands:

I have disturbed the mighty beast from his repose, yet he loves me, thus I remain safe.

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