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I had planned to have a Merchant's Booth at Coronation.
But my helpers can't attend due to work schedule. Between meetings and helping out at the Laurel/Apprentice Beer Garden I would be gone so many hours from the booth it wouldn't be a good idea.

So taking my lead from [ profile] aelfgyfu my plan is to bring a couple of boxes of pottery to set up in my big new pavilion (did I mention I have a new pavilion ;-)?) if anyone would like to buy or barter for pottery. I have a lot of pottery made, so if anyone has requests for particular pieces let me know & I'll make certain to pack them.

This plan could change at the last minute if my helpers' plans change, but that is unlikely.

Sadness that [ profile] dancing_guru and Cleg(?) can't come to Coronation. Happiness to be seeing many of you.
Oh and proudness er, pride; my apprentice Bronwen is going to take the position of Kingdom Scribe! She will be conscientious and good at it. The turnover will probably be at Coronation.
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It is so lovely out. Almost makes up for the months of Jan-Feb.
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I had the greatest, finest day in the studio today.
It was amphorae throwing time and they went up and formed shapes by, what seemed like, their own accord. It was difficult to hold myself back and not make them larger than the commission asked for.
They have pointy bases, so I am making them in two parts. Put the slightly dried lower part in a chuck and then put the two sections together and re-throw where they meet.
Those Romans knew pottery!

I also painted the first coats of a door and the ceiling of the guest room, which was not a wise activity considering the water complications of my pump problems. Who cares? :-p
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My food preperation tonight was a carbonnade and rys pottage.

The carbonnade began with sauteing the onions & garlic in a handleless cooking pot with a round base. Cooked bootiful. I began browning the stew meat in a cauldron with very short legs and soon found I was out of pot space with everything so transferred it all, once they were sauteed, into a larger flat-bottomed, wide cassarole-type pot. After I added the beer it bubbled away, enough that I had to keep moving it to a less hot area. I was a little concerned about the cassarole breaking. It is flat, 9" diameter with almost a right angle walls of 3 & 1/2". Great for cooking, but not as structurally strong shape as a dome shape. However, it worked quite well.

I soaked the rys in a pipkin, drained it and cooked the pottage in the same pot. This particular pipkin had a round base and long legs, which I personally like working with. I checked on it regularly to make certain the milk wasn't scorching and it didn't, I think the long pipkin legs help to keep the milk from that dastardly fate (I can scorch milk even on a conventional stove).

After another futile try with bread in a cloche, the realization hit that my problem is the size of the cloche. As large as this one is needs a large fire pit or brazier. Although I have one of Torvald's big braziers it still isn't the right size for this cloche, so I'm going to make another one brazier size.

The carbonnade was fabulous, so was the rys pottage. [ profile] dancing_guru and Adam thought the carbonnade was too strong flavored and said they'd prefer it over noodles or rice, which many of the recipes call for anyway. [ profile] dancing_guru was brought up on rice pudding, so she loved that. She also mentioned I might have overcooked the honey candy from yesterday, I'd been wondering about that myself. They both enjoyed the bread, after I gave up using the cloche and baked it in the electric oven.
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I took individual pics too, but they didn't seem to turn out well. You actually can see there was some sunshine on pots. Ummmm sunshine, someday I will see more, I just know it.
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And the best thing is now I can make more stuff to replace those that sold!
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Here are another few things. Of course the kiln held considerably more than I photographed, but I thought these might be of interest.
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These are some of the green pots I worked on over the weekend. What great enjoyment! I wish I didn't have to wait so long to see how they turn out.
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This morning I awoke to a cold bedroom, this caused me to leap out of bed in fear. A cold house means it got unexpectedly cold overnight and there was the possibility that all the work I had done over the past few days had been ruined by freezing. I spent Friday thawing out everything and re-wedging clay, then the next days were spent throwing and trimming bowls for the Palouse Potters Guild Empty Bowls project. I was particularly careful to remove throw lines & make both the interior and exterior smooth and a gradual slope for underglazes & maiolica. I hope to have several small workshops for people to decorate the bowls intended for donation.

Luckily, there was no freezing in the studio, so all was well there, if nippy.

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I also got stuck in the driveway again. Because the walls of snow are so close I have no turn-around area and have to back up the 1/8th of a mile to my house. But for the first time I got wedged in and instantly created ice-fishing quality ice under the tires. This is undoubtedly because at the time I was congratulating myself at my mad driving skillz. I will never congratulate myself again! grrrr. [ profile] dancing_guru and Adam had to come and help me get out.
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I have been painting this time on my own bisqueware. These are all incomplete they need to be fired and the ones with underglaze will have a transparent glaze applied over all.
I am a humble subject of the whims of the kiln and there is always the chance that the glaze firing will not work out, so I photographed them unfinished. It will be interesting to see the differences after the glaze firing.

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Jan. 25th, 2008 03:10 pm
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Studio still frozen, so I am painting underglazes on bisqueware again. The painting is going quite well. I hope the glaze firing doesn't screw anything up or it will be teh sad......or I don't screw the firing up.

This evening my potter's guild is having a critique. We are all going to bring some pics on CD show them, drink wine and well, critique them. I'm looking forward to it but a little nervous. I haven't participated in a real critique since college, lo these many years ago. Even during some summer courses since the instructor's comments were: "Where do you think you will go with this next?"

Which makes me wonder. Have SCA A&S people done anything like real critiques of the work? Not contest, Laurel tourney sorts of things, but getting together and taking turns giving comments, advise on each others work? With no one in the position of being an all wisdom judge-type person or a quivering student-type person. Or perhaps everyone being in those positions at the same time.
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Yeah, really it is. I bought the bisqueware (hangs head in shame) because I wanted to make the kids travel mugs for Christmas (a request from miss
[ profile] dancing_guru )and these came with well-fitting lids. So I painted them with low-fire underglazes that I did not formulate myself (hangs head in shame a second time) except for my exterior glaze, with which I am not yet satisfied. If ceramics are done right IMHO, the surface design is there to enhance the shape. With this style, my attention to the shape was secondary (hangs head in shame a third time).

But dayum this was fun. Way, way fun. I could have yet another obsession to deal with.

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I am going to post some other pics of pottery I gave for gifts this Christmas & birthdays later. So be forewarned ;-)
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So here I sit in front of the computer.

I should be thinking mostly about the Praxis test I have to take tomorrow, it's a content knowledge test, it should be over material I know, but I as an Ox and prefer being over-prepared.

However, I am primarily concerned with the Palouse Studio Potters Guild Show at Cowgirl Chocolates with the reception tomorrow. We can't bring many items, so I am arguing with myself over what I want to bring. I always want to bring the most recent things that came out of the kiln, although older work might be better sellers....I don't know, if I did know I would be a much wealthier person.

Finally got to unload the kiln today. Some worked out well, others not so much. The glaze experiments didn't go as nicely as I had hoped they would, the kiln fired at least a cone hotter, possibly more, because I programed a very slow cool-down, the temperature rise is counter-intuitive, but there you go.

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New photos

Oct. 19th, 2007 01:58 pm
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These are some photos I got back from the Photographer today. As I said on my LJ I thought the photography was not well done. But I would like to share a few more pics.
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After quite a long wait I got photos back from the photographer. I am only mildly pleased, for as much money as I paid there were several things with which I wasn't happy. The 'hot spots' are the prob as well as some of the choices of background colors. I'm changing photographic services.
But I still wanted to share a few behind the cut:

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Tomorrow my Modern Potter's Guild will be doing a raku party.
I've always been only been slightly interested in raku, but doing it with a group is a real high. It has enough glowing orange heat, sense of urgency, just a bit of danger, and mostly uncontrollable results to be a very exciting process. It's the product itself about which I feel neutral.

I've been so busy with other events that I didn't have time to make pots especially for the raku, so will get some off my bisque shelf and had better mix up a few glazes. Not necessarily the shapes I like for raku. We have been rakuing high fire clays very successfully. But then Guild member Michael is a genius and has everything worked out or will soon after he sees a problem.

Plus, we are having a potluck, and potters are great cooks.
I hope to take some photos to post here.
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Exerpt from Homer's Epigrams:
XIV. (23 lines)(ll. 1-23)
Potters, if you will give me a reward, I will sing for you. Come, then, Athena, with hand upraised over the kiln. Let the pots and all the dishes turn out well and be well fired: let them fetch good prices and be sold in plenty in the market, and plenty in the streets. Grant that the potters may get great gain and grant me so to sing to them. But if you turn shameless and make false promises, then I call together the destroyers of kilns, Shatter and Smash and Char and Crash and Crude bake who can work this craft much mischief. Come all of you and sack the kiln-yard and the buildings: let the whole kiln be shaken up to the potter's loud lament. As a horse's jaw grinds, so let the kiln grind to powder all the pots inside. And you, too, daughter of the Sun, Circe the witch, come and cast cruel spells; hurt both these men and their handiwork. Let Chiron also come and bring many Centaurs -- all that escaped the hands of Heracles and all that were destroyed: let them make sad havoc of the pots and over throw the kiln, and let the potters see the mischief and be grieved; but I will gloat as I behold their luckless craft. And if anyone of them stoops to peer in, let all his face be burned up, that all men may learn to deal honestly.
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I don't have a merchant's booth this Coronation.
However, I will have a small ammount of pottery for sale with me.
Please let me know when you are there if you have interest in anything.

(Just waiting for the kiln to finish firing, it's taking longer than I imagined it would, maybe because of the larger size)
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About the amphora.
The cork stopped leaking over night. Thanks :-)
I am surprised it took so long to stop dripping and, in general, I'm still not pleased with the design of the spigot. I think they may be sold more for looks than for serious function.
I like the looks, but in general the overall design could use improvement. Maybe [ profile] daedin's idea of an amphora in sand is the way to go, or a 2 gallon lidded pitcher???

It's interesting how self-cooling the water evaporation makes the pot. It is so much colder than the air, even after sitting for over 12 hours at room temperature. And I can imagine it filled with ice water during a hot event, ummmmm.
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It is still very hot here, a little over 100f. My house stays pleasant enough, but the studio got so hot I abandoned ship by 1:00pm. Mind you, there have been times I was under a deadline and braved the heat, but my next deadline is far enough away I can foolishly ignore it ;-)

The kiln didn't come today :-( *sigh* I was looking forward to trying it out this weekend. However, the shipping company phoned to make sure I would be home Monday for delivery.
You can bet I will be.
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This Coronation they are holding an auction to benefit the Raven Travel Fund.
I haven't decided what to donate quite yet. Quite a few options so I'm undecided.
Does anyone have any suggestions of pottery they would like to place bids on? Maybe get a good deal or something that I don't make many of?

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