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I'm having a good time in the studio this week. Although I have got a little done,it is a constant struggle trying to keep the studio warm and that is taking up a percentage of my productive time and physical energy.
It's been a while since I have been to a city to buy clay so am getting it from a regional neighbor. This is good because he is a friend, an entrepreneur, and it is local clay. But the clay is....short. Thus it takes a lot more effort to get the shapes I want than a fatter clay like B-Mix does and it's much more difficult to get any kind of height.

I have several of the "Lark 500" series of craft books. I've found it interesting that so many of the pitchers in the "500 Pitchers" are jug styles from the high Medieval era. My own jugs (hur) are beginning to feel blurred between modern and medieval.

The tallest jug in this set is 12" tall.

Trying different things with the feet.

The photo is somewhat misleading the bowl on the right is about a 3qt capacity and those on the left are soup bowl size.

The tallest goblet is 9" tall, the shortest goblet is around 7" tall. I have a commission for 2 Communion sets, one is supposed to be considerably larger than the other set. There is a reason but I don't remember why.
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