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Many of you have "Secret Santas" at work before Christmas. You know the routine, pick a name of a co-worker from a jar, secretly leave little gifts for them all season, and whoever has picked your name does the name does the same for you.
You also know the gifts, cute teddy bears, cute Santas, cute teddy bears dressed as Santas, cute elves, cute teddy bears dressed as elves, etc.All beautifully wrapped.

Here is my approach: I was inspired by my son who when in high school, with his friend, used to walk around town Christmas Eve to friends houses giving friends and aquaintances cans of beets. So in that spirit I am giving my Secret Santa a can of green beans decorated with glitter and ribbon. Then the next day I'm giving her $1.37 in pennies & nickles in a pink fake-fur pouch I've sewn. Third day will be a pair of ankle socks stuffed with salt and pepper packets, maybe a christmas wreath made from glued together lentils.

I'm trying to come up with more with the following self-instigated rules 1) it has to have a use, no piles of gravel for instance, 2) the hard one, I can't use art or craft to make it or they will know it's me, which is too bad because I would like to applique skulls on Christmas potholders. Any similar ideas out there?

I didn't do the more interesting gifts for my secret santa last year because the poor lady whose name I got was wound pretty tight and I was concerned a can of green beans would send her over the deep end. This year my secret santa has a sense of humor.
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Lots of winter weather entries in LJ this week.
My latest winter weather is that I didn't sleep well because I was worried the car wouldn't start because of bad weather. It was so cold last night I left the faucets dripping, and fussed with the car as I could, but there wasn't much I could do. The last two oil dipstick heaters I bought didn't work worth $#@&, and taking the battery into the house then re-installing it is awful on so many levels.
But, it did turn over this morning and is warming up now.
Hey, that means no excuse for missing work :-< !

Any suggestions for keeping cars going gratefully accepted.
Yes, I should know how, I've been living here all my life, but my best solution was always phoning Dad.
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Things were better at school. The bosses’ boss heard about and witnessed some of the things that were going on in the worst offending residence and demanded the director of that residence take action. Some changes have started, if very slowly. I only had one boy with extreme behaviors, the rest seemed to be trying although they still sometimes dropped the ‘f’ bomb and had attitude, attitude, attitude. And the aforementioned kid will face some consequences. Rest of the classes went quite well, even said they loved the lesson I presented.
So all this change happened the same time I began to meditate and work on my attitude.
Has chewed up my most important embroidery tool, my fabric pen, also a couple of skeins of thread. Has got hold of….something, which has been chewed up and spread all over the floor. My sister came over for a short time and he made a total fool of himself leaping around because he was so glad to see her. He needs to be back at Moot playing with Grisjean, Yakul, Carter, and Mattie.
will go out to the studio in a few minutes. Looking very much forward to throwing a variety of pots in the Oregon Red clay. Hoping it is warm enough that I don’t have to start a fire in the studio stove to work there. Looking forward to the studio and planning on what I am going to do is how I got through the school week.
Argh, a mess. Yard also. I have to do much leaf raking. I want to make some peach jam this weekend too.
Thinking about the Artisan’s Retreat at Baron’s Ball. Hoping to get people acquainted. I am hearing that some Inlands folk say they don’t know how to document subject x, when I know of people planning on attending the Artisan’s retreat who actually *do* document subject x. That will be exciting to see those connections happen.
Concerned about MOAS non-reporting in the Inlands. Sounds like there will be consequences if they don’t. I have tried very hard to encourage their reporting. I’ve been doing the Inlands Reporting Deputy Job so long it might be easy to blow me off. Possibly there will be more respect if the word comes from Kingdom or Society.
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It's interesting how a wonderful weekend throws the difficulties of the day job into such extreme relief.
My SCA friends are such mentally healthy, fun, honorable people, although we may jokingly call ourselves 'crazy'. Such a difference to the unhappy, self-defeating emotionally disturbed people I work with regularly.
For the umteenth time, I wish I had an effective way to convey to my students that they have the power to stop making themselves so miserable and stop screwing up their own lives.

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