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I spent the day shoveling snow (gasp, wheeze). My muscles are aching, tingling, and doing all kinds of screaming behaviors.

My earlier guess was that the snow over my sidewalk that had been shoveled the night before was waist high was wrong; it was chest high. Of course, I may not be the tallest person on your f-list ;-). An interesting effect, this is the first time I’ve seen ‘air holes’ in the snow. The little areas that keep avalanche survivors alive.

My goal was to shovel out enough that I could get to the car, which I parked down the road away from the worst drifting, by 2:00pm in hopes of getting to town. Alas, I didn’t meet the goal until after 5:00pm and I felt it wasn’t a good idea to set out after dark. Tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be worse with 7 inches of snow predicted, which means I will get much more than that; and 30 mph winds, which means I will get heavier winds. I really, really, really hope the shoveling today wasn’t in vain. I tried to pat down snow berms when I shoveled it out in hopes they would slow the wind damage.

This is Amby on my front sidewalk. I am afraid to let him off the leash. His predecessor dog, Clara, once fell through deep snow into water below it and it was just good luck that we found her in time. Too scary.

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Feb. 6th, 2008 06:31 am
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It showed probably another 6" and the wind and drifting went on all night long. WHAT IS IT WITH THIS WINTER STUFF?
I don't know if I am marooned, but it will take a couple of hours of shoveling just to get to my car to tell. It is over waist high of the fluffy light stuff over my sidewalk that had been shoveled down previously.

Another problem is I haven't been able to set out my garbage or empty my compost. I can't get to the compost bin which is covered with snow (I'm not absolutely certain where it is, I hope I don't step in it ...but at least it would be frozen). The garbage would either get blown all over the highway or covered with snow. I now know that it is a raccoon getting into it. They may think they are cunning, but they leave foot prints ha!. Actually there are probably both feral cats and coons, but the most recent midnight raid was a raccoon.
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Some sunshine!
so some pictures )
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No improvement here.
I got hold of Snow Plow Guy who said I was low on his list of priorities. Well, not exactly in those words, but he has a lot of places to plow before mine and today looks unlikely too. He says town (Moscow) is a mess. I wouldn't know being unable to see it and judge for myself.

I walked to the mailbox yesterday and it was one of the worst hikes I have ever taken. Deep, deep, snow and wind blowing in my face all the way. But again with the priorities, there was the fact that I had to mail my Netflicks. ;-)

I have enough heat for 12 more days assuming the electricity doesn't go out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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One of the worst days driving to work I've had in years. No trace of a road grader for the 50 miles I travel. No vision for the several seconds oncoming traffic billows up snow when they pass, drifting. This brings up a painful and terrible realization, I am going to have to get up 20 minutes earlier or be late to work every day.

Lewiston usually doesn't get snow so the whole town was flummoxed. Over 78 cars involved in 30 in wrecks in town (and not a large town). No snow tires, no weights in the back of pickups, stomping on brakes, stomping on accelerator, etc.
I have to say again, the subaru rocks, there was never a time I was endangered from it.... just from large vehicles coming towards me sideways. I'm trying not to be smug about my car & winter road preperations. Humm not working, I'm smug.
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My weekend starts on Fridays, which is one of the ways I keep sane. So here I am prepared to go to the studio and just waiting for the fire to warm it up. It was freezing again last night and quite cold this morning but no pots were effected by it other than requiring extended time drying.

I am getting said pots ready for the various Christmas sales and a few shops. The largest event, in Coeur d’ Alene, is requiring a bookkeeping style done on Exell, which I, and most of the others, don’t have. So the bookeeper sent everyone some similar free software for our inventory sheets. This was supposed to be in by last Wednesday, but we weren’t sent the software until Monday. It looks like Greek to me and most of the other potters are even less computer savvy, and are notoriously less organized with bookkeeping matters than I am…… if you can imagine :-D. There are two in my guild who claim they don’t even know how to turn a computer on. They are damn fine ceramic artists though.
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Although I’m doing fine with house stuff winter came early enough to catch me unaware with the pottery studio. Because my studio is not connected to the house, and the studio is heated with wood, and the day job prevents me from going to the studio daily; a cold snap is a big setback. The pots I made last weekend didn’t dry enough to protect their surface water from the low temps of this past week. So they froze and are thawing out today as I heat the studio. Then they collapse from the uneven water expansion and contraction. The clay from the collapsed pots will require remixing, as will the bagged clay which freezes around the edges with the core clay staying unfrozen.

Frozen, thawed clay is very, very miserable to wedge it is so cold and requires mixing gooey- wet, frozen clay with the core clay that has dried out though osmosis (or maybe it‘s reverse osmosis.) Then there is the ice in the studio water and frozen glazes that have to be remixed. At least that doesn’t have to be by hand.

As tiresome as this has been, it’s kind of comforting to think that my Medieval ancestors must have gone through much the same thing.

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