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Because that is what I am on right now. :-) :-) :-)

Mind you, there could be improvement. We wake up to new snowfall every morning, most of it is gone by afternoon, but there is still snow on the ground. I have so very much yard work to do. I haven’t tried to rake between snow piles because the wind is so icy cold and I am a wimp who is in favor of warmth. I want to burn dead weeds so much I can taste it. It has been several years since I’ve had a garden, I gave vegetable gardening up because I have just too much to do. I’m considering having one this year however, I know it is the desire for Spring talking. Eepp, I need to prune the fruit trees too.

I spent a wonderful day in the studio. I ran out of my favored clay and was forced to open a bag of porcelain, I haven’t worked in porcelain for quite awhile, so there was some getting to re-know it and watching it collapse, heh. Ummm porcelain, I need to add a Chinese persona. So excited to go to Georgie’s Ceramic Supply. Ummm Georgie’s Ceramic supply.

Speaking of so excited, in a few days I will get to see Handsome Goth son. Now that is a thought so happy I could pop. And then [ profile] daedin, [ profile] freewaydiva, and maybe more friends as well as HGS on Saturday. I plan on picking up some bisque ware tiles at Georgie’s so we can glaze those for ourselves as well as the bowls for Empty Bowls.
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It's exciting that some of you want to do the glazing thing!

What people have expressed interest in is:
1) Me bringing the materials to May Crown and taking some time there to maiolica. Then bringing the finished projects to Coronation.
Positive: No additional traveling for anyone, maybe get Gwen's help if we ask real nice.
Challenges: Some transportation smearing and breakage is possible (not inevitable) though.

2) You all coming to my studio do do clay of choice.
Positive: All the materials on hand.
Challenges: finding a good date, travel, and it IS in Idaho ;-)

3) Me coming West or North.
positive: Someone else does the logistics & site, (West) I'd get to see my kids again, maybe get Gwen and Raphaella's help.
Challenges: Finding a place to glaze fire, finding a good date, travel.

4) Something else.

I will be coming to Seattle and Portland first week in April to visit my children, but don't think I will have time to get maiolica materials & bowls together enough by that time.

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