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Take a picture of your workspace and post it here. Do not clean it up!

South section of the studio.

Definitely not a cleaned up view.
It's cluttered, but I love it. The windows look out on my plumb trees and the neighbor's horse field.
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For someone who is as interested as I am in [ profile] ornerie’s cook book plans and schemes and advanced cooking techniques, you wouldn’t think I’d screw up so badly on a simple thing such as forgetting the leavening and salt in the uber-muffins I just made. But I did. Unusual breakfasts for me the next week.

Birdies flew in my studio today trying to beat their little brains, or lack thereof, out on the windows. Some years I get a lot of animals in there, haven’t for awhile though.

My favorite are bats because on some primitive level they are scary. They swoop around at high speed when I turn the light on. I’ve come back to the studio with them hanging on the inside of leather-hard mugs, like their own little New York Studio apartment. Also once after coming back from a play, which just happened to be “Dracula”, I went to the studio to check on pots before going to the house and when I turned on the lights a bat started flying around and around the ceiling. Superstiton did a tap dance on the throat of my logic that time. Although I do tend to exaggerate at times, this really happened.

My least favorite animal visitors are raccoons, they stomp in my slurry buckets, leave footprints all over and squash wet pots. I take this as a personal insult (as who would not?). They appear to be critical of the quality of the pots, as if they were “old school” professors or Japanese Masters.

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