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The Moscow Renaissance Fair has come and gone. It was predicted to have terrible weather but instead it was beautiful. This does not happen often. People were out and about and acting like they were released from the prison of winter. It was good fun. Sales were slow, but I made some money, if not the greatest haul. Other merchants were discussing the slow down, many of them do the fair circuit for a living and haul big rigs to fairs every summer weekend, so they are pretty concerned. I am glad I have another income *sigh*. They told me a lot of artists who just sold in galleries have now entered the circuit. Many other fairs have raised their Booth fees this year, what ARE the promoters thinking when they raise Artist's rates in bad economic times. (Rhetorical Question, we know what they are thinking.)

But in general, a day of meriment, music, good food, and bad costuming. My booth was near the entrance and it made my heart happy to see a young woman walking in dressed in a simplicity medieval pattern of bright pink satin and lace beaming with joy. They looked like they "felt" pretty in those dresses. Here was a place a young lady didn't have to dress like Britney Spears or wear black and look marose to be one of the cool kids.

The organizers of this fair constantly say this Renaissance is the definition of the word meaning "rebirth". And I do feel like Spring is here now and I am re-connected with my community.
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Because that is what I am on right now. :-) :-) :-)

Mind you, there could be improvement. We wake up to new snowfall every morning, most of it is gone by afternoon, but there is still snow on the ground. I have so very much yard work to do. I haven’t tried to rake between snow piles because the wind is so icy cold and I am a wimp who is in favor of warmth. I want to burn dead weeds so much I can taste it. It has been several years since I’ve had a garden, I gave vegetable gardening up because I have just too much to do. I’m considering having one this year however, I know it is the desire for Spring talking. Eepp, I need to prune the fruit trees too.

I spent a wonderful day in the studio. I ran out of my favored clay and was forced to open a bag of porcelain, I haven’t worked in porcelain for quite awhile, so there was some getting to re-know it and watching it collapse, heh. Ummm porcelain, I need to add a Chinese persona. So excited to go to Georgie’s Ceramic Supply. Ummm Georgie’s Ceramic supply.

Speaking of so excited, in a few days I will get to see Handsome Goth son. Now that is a thought so happy I could pop. And then [ profile] daedin, [ profile] freewaydiva, and maybe more friends as well as HGS on Saturday. I plan on picking up some bisque ware tiles at Georgie’s so we can glaze those for ourselves as well as the bowls for Empty Bowls.


Mar. 19th, 2007 09:14 pm
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I love Spring, I love Spring, I love Spring. Makes me think that perhaps life is worth it after all. I have many pottery venues in the next two months, but I am not panicking to get things done because I have been working steadily throughout the winter. Although at the time I worked just to keep myself sane rather than thoughts of the future.

The week after Empty Bowls the Potter’s Guild is having a joint gallery show with the Watercolor Guild. I have requested wall space for that show. I have made several Green-man style clay heads for wall hanging and some large wall-hanging platters. The platters’ motif are Sythian, which I began to look into when [ profile] tasia and Skeggi sat the Thrones. I don’t pretend that these things I am making are authentic, but Sythian design is so strong and unusual they could take a lifetime to explore. The Greenmen are an ongoing series. I don't make very many because they take so long because of pinching out or impressing all the little leaves around their heads. I make a new one every spring.

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