Jan. 6th, 2016 11:15 am
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So after spending a little under $1000. in 2 & 1/2 months and having it repaired again yesterday the pellet stove quit working in the middle of the night again last night. At least it wasn't way below zero. To say I am discouraged is an understatement. Not sure of what the next step is, but it will come.

There has not been a huge amount of snow recently, but enough that I was able to get my good snow plow guy to plow my road, and plow it he did. The foreseeable forecast is an inch every once in awhile, which is not bad at all. I was concerned about getting back to my house after 12th Night, but that doesn't seem a concern now.

I have put a photo from my Cambodian adventure on my desktop. I want to think only of that good time.
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Angor Wat. Japanese tourist flirting with young Monks.

9 9
Farmer watching her buffalo next to Preup Wat.
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My pellet stove went out last week and didn't work for about 5 days. I phoned the repair place, but they couldn't send a repairman out until today. It was below freezing and I heated with space heaters and a small wood cook stove. I bought a new space heater and was impressed with how much more efficient they are now than they used to be. Since I had the pellet stove repaired last November too, I seriously considered heating just with space heaters. I rather dread looking at my next electric bill though.

I am doing something I haven't done in ages, making myself garb for this weekend. I saw that my best tunic, which I wear the most has a hole in it just from use. Plus one of the goals I had/have for retirement was to get better at sewing construction. How pattern pieces fit together is very confusing to me. Not a talent I was born with, but I believe it will get better with practice. Plus I have a great stash of wonderful fabrics from visiting the Los Angeles fabric district and the Cambodian silk merchants.

I’m really looking forward to 12th Night and getting far away from the Palouse. Hope the roads are good.
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Decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to do a recap of 2015.
It wasn't a particularly bad year for me, however, December/January are terrible times of the year for me, and whatever I wrote would reflect that. I was really quite happy last Spring, I would have said ”Joyous”, but my kiln wasn't working. I was even pretty happy during the Summer in spite of the extended heat wave and also extended smoke. But dealing with all the crap the weather throws at me gets physically harder and more discouraging to deal with.

I haven't gone back to the studio yet. I hope that I am gathering material on a subconscious level, which is what my research on creativity says happens. In the meantime I am practicing Sumi-E brushwork and doing a lot of different styles of art for the signatures for the book a couple of friends and I are doing. A wide variety of different styles and mediums. I am really enjoying doing them.

Da snow

Dec. 28th, 2015 09:30 am
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I am still free, for several days now. We have gotten perhaps 1 & 1/2 inches of new snow since I last posted and over the next two days another 1-2 are forecast. Then 1/2 week of nothing coming from the sky. Not bad, I can live with that.

I am now wondering about conditions for 12th Night. Even if I catch a ride over with Phelan, I wonder about how cold it will be? If my house will freeze up while I'm gone, or if it snows hard and I can't get from the highway to my house? Additionally, how difficult it will be to take and pick up Amby from the Kennels, which is located on a worse road than mine?

I have been doing various art projects. Not as much as I'd like because winter maintenance takes up a lot of time and energy. Drawing, working on my book signatures, practicing Sumi-E brushwork, and started a new sewing project. I haven't spent time in the studio, I tried to shovel the berm that is in the way, but it has turned from snow to granite. I walked over it a time or two, but am not comfortable with that especially since I am always carrying things back and forth.

Last time I spoke to Jenny, she said the grant will probably happen in the fall rather than March. This means they plan to stay another year. Wish I could go sooner, but it's still very exciting to consider. Maybe my summer trip will be to L.A. again.
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We have had a lot of snow. It has snowed every day and is really piling up. But recently it has become wetter than the dry fluffy stuff. So in the midst of my flu last night, an avalanche slid off the roof of my front porch into the front window breaking part of it out. This means I have snow in the house. And then the electricity (includes heat, water, telephone)went out with me not feeling strong enough to take measures.

Things are more or less back to usual now. The electricity is back on after about 8 hours. I have cardboard over the broken window, Adam and [ profile] dancing_guru are here bringing gifts of presto-logs (my wood source and path to it are covered in snow) for my back-up heat source; and are shoveling the snow away from the broken window. (Although the snow was thick & heavy enough to provide some insulation).

Amby won't let me out of his sight. He sticks to me like glue. He is a faithful hound.
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OK, OK, [ profile] viking_food_guy got the title before I did and I just stole it.

Feeling teh sad, I started out to a Hexmas party tonight, got 4 miles from home and accepted the fact that I couldn't ascertain the difference between the highway, the fields, and the sky because of drifting snow. And it wasn't going to get any better.
So I turned around & came home, slowly.
I'm now listening to Ella, drinking cocoa & kahlua, and trying to decide which craft to pursue for the rest of the evening. Doesn't sound at all bad, but not what I wanted to do.
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My Spring Break starts after school today
and not a moment too soon!!!

It is my feeling that it lasts longer if I plan it, so I've planned it. Half of the plans will come to naught if those stupid 5" of stupid snow we got last night doesn't melt and I mean melt now!!! Are you listening snow??!!.

But after my plans achieve victory. Later in next week I am coming to Portland to visit handsome middle son. Then Saturday, April 5th, around 12:00 noon we are going to Daedin's with more nefarious plans. We are going to paint bisque bowls for the Empty Bowls charity I have been working towards.

You are invited to join us. It would be so wonderful to see you and to have you make a bowl for donation.
I will have plenty of bisqued bowls ready to go and some ideas for designs for people who are unsure of what to do. If you have ideas though, this is even more better. I will then take the bowls back to the studio, glaze fire them, then photograph them for you to see the final results of your good works.

In terms of what we will do, the bowl glazing will be more similar to scribal arts than vessel making. You can get just as elaborate as could be imagined on these, on the other hand if you are less than sure of yourself with scribal stuff even something like simple stripes can be very beautiful on bowls!!

I was originally thinking of us using maiolica technique, but there might be less bunping off of glaze if we use underglazes on the bowls and I put the overglaze on them when I get back home. However, I am more than willing to bring stuff for maiolica too if you let me know.

Which reminds me, if you can let [ profile] daedin and/or me know we'll make sure there are supplies for everyone*.

It would be so good to see a bunch of people. There is even rumor of a Gavin sighting. How rare is that ;-)

I am writing this in the morning before I go to work and have had enough coffee, so I may not have all the info. but will either edit or write again when I am awake.

*Oh don't tell Daedin, it's going to be a surprise.

*joke heh, heh*
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Never being one to leave well enough alone, after numerous attempts with the Iszuzu, I shoveled for awhile and got the Subaru out of the spot it was in and down my road to the highway. All was well, if a terrible drive. But then coming back I had to turn it around a bit to back it into its parking space or I would have had to back it 1/8 mi. through deep snow to get to the highway tomorrow.
So I got stuck, sideways in the road of course.

I have spent most of this afternoon shoveling snow to no avail. I finally phoned AAA who after a tantalizing promise said they couldn't help me get it out because my road hasn't been plowed.
I phoned [ profile] dancing_guru"s friends to see if they want to help me push it. They generously, generously offered to come when they can although they are going to have to walk a ways or their car will be also SOL in the snow.
The Iszuzu could have made it, but the battery is not working AGAIN. I've had it in 2 different mechanic shops to take care of the problem about 4-5 times now.

No one has to hint to me to move now, I am fully in favor of it.
*gasp wheeze*
another concerted ammount of time of shoveling with the help of [ profile] dancing_guru's friends and it's out of the PITA snow. Plenty of exercise that.
I think my calorie intake deserves to include Baileys in hot chocolate this pm.
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Mud and Spirits was fun. I don't exactly know how much I made because the C.A.G.N.I. folk organized the payments and will send an inventory and a check. I know I covered expenses, but don't have an idea if I did better than last year. I would have loved to sell more, I had some to haul home of course.

It's about the nicest show we all do, the customers come because they want to buy pottery; it's not the casual entertainment wandering-around of most art fairs. But they also seem more courteous than others. Maybe it was just a good day, all around was happiness. Such a stark contrast to my weekly workday.

I picked Amby up from the spa this morning. His spa is in the country and I took a short cut on roads that were even more back country. The snow had drifted a foot and a half in some places. I plowed through them with the AWD and studded sawdusts. Dayum that was fun (POW, SWOOSH), I still have loads to do in the house here, but for a while considered finding more backroads and spending the day swooshing through them. (That would have had disaster written all over it.)
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