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My classes are in full swing. They have been pretty good thus far, but in the evening I am truly exhausted and go to bed early after after sitting on the couch and staring for awhile. Hope my system adjusts soon.

The 'viking rune stones' has been a hit, I took examples of some pieces of [ profile] torfin's jewelry. They were very impressed and made some good observations. Next week we might do some beads in fimo for the older kids and paper for the younger as [ profile] madeileen suggested and I'll bring examples of [ profile] viking_food_guy's beads. I'll have to count each and every one of those several times.

Today we are starting on a foam board bas relief, I've got a lot of 3-D type guys this year. I change and adjust my lesson plans from day to day as I see what the kids like, need to learn, and won't tolerate.
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We didn't have class today, so rather than spending time at my desk keeping up with paperwork, like a fool I volunteered to teach a class to teachers at the regional education conference.
I've taught in previous years too, but this time I (attempted to) taught teachers how to make nice handbuilt ceramic bowls to then teach their students in hopes of getting more Empty Bowls projects happening regionally

Two lovely little ladies from a Catholic school began to make plans for an Empty Bowls during Lent, if that happens I will be so happy.
This is one of my favorite charities and such a good thing for students to take part in. I have my students do bowls for two of these a year.

My students are 95% from families living in poverty and have always been on the receiving end of charity, being on the giving end when we make bowls is a real stretch for some, I have seen the looks on their faces go from outrage, to some confusion, to understanding with this project. After I explained about Empty Bowls one particularly belligerent kid, screamed that he couldn't afford to give donations, then after the Empty Bowls event he said amazed: "You mean because of the bowls I made poor people will get $60?"
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