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So important ;-)

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This is the oddest fabric:

I found it at (blush) Wall Mart, it is a print, cotton blend copy of 15th Century Persian brocade and its details not worthy to stand in the shadow of it's inspiration.
The actual color is a blacker background than shows on my monitor at least.
Yes, I bought it, all that was on the bolt, it was cheap (duh), the clerk made a snide remark. I have no idea what to do with it.
One of those strange SCA obsessions we get I suppose.
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I don't have a merchant's booth this Coronation.
However, I will have a small ammount of pottery for sale with me.
Please let me know when you are there if you have interest in anything.

(Just waiting for the kiln to finish firing, it's taking longer than I imagined it would, maybe because of the larger size)
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This Coronation they are holding an auction to benefit the Raven Travel Fund.
I haven't decided what to donate quite yet. Quite a few options so I'm undecided.
Does anyone have any suggestions of pottery they would like to place bids on? Maybe get a good deal or something that I don't make many of?
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I had a great time at Baron’s Ball too and I was so glad so glad so glad Daedin, Onerie, Mrq_Laurellen, and Tam came over, what dedication! It was so appreciated. It was a fun weekend, I could spend a lot of time doing what we did.
The spot they put us in was nice, very close to all the activities but still space enough for us to spread out our stuff. Onerie almost drove us crazy with the fabulous food smells she was creating and with Torvald’s wonderful iron works, it looked cool as well as smelled good. I had brought enough frozen dough and dry bread ingredients for about 10 loaves of bread…which we didn’t get all baked. The frozen bread stayed in my cooler so when I opened the cooler after I got home Sunday, it had risen, pressing against its sack in a large, unified glob and looked like a 14 pound frozen turkey yearning for self-expression.
Kind of a funny/strange thing. I was weirded out by a couple of interesting little pirates who came to where I was demonstrating hand built pottery and began to take my clay and use my tools and make little….um things… out of it, without asking or even with a please ‘n thank you, . I was unhappy about it but didn’t say anything to them and have been thinking about it since then. This isn’t the first time when doing a demo people have asked if they could try it or could have some clay. If I bring my wheel I don’t get much time to do any demonstrating at all as people begin to line up to use the wheel etc. this was just the most extreme situation.
Thinking about it the reason why I give onlookers clay or don’t stop them when they take my clay because 1) it’s always made me feel a little guilty that I have the joy of being a potter and other people don’t. 2) I’m a teacher, I’m supposed to teach.
But further thought is that a demo is not a good teaching venue for pottery. There are very, very few things of use about clay that can be taught in 20 minutes. Often people really don’t want to be taught, they just want to entertain themselves or make something with free clay (I’ve often been told they want feast gear, a teapot, a vase but don’t want to pay for it). So in truth I am not being selfish if I just demonstrate. Indeed it is likely people can learn more from observing someone who has been doing it for awhile, then by fooling around with clay for a few minutes themselves. In the future if they ask during a demo I will offer to teach classes or Ithras or point them to ceramic places they can go where they can *really* do some learning. Appropriate activity during the appropriate venue.
So I’m glad that happened, it was such an odd situation it caused me to reflect, now I’ve got plans and plan not to be at a loss for words when this situation comes up again.

Some Work

Oct. 3rd, 2006 06:18 am
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I made some award medallions out of colored porcelain. They are currently waiting to be fired along with another kiln load. I plan to fire Thursday night which means staying up all night with the kiln. Argh, I'm getting too old (read lazy) for that.
I'm pleased with how the shapes came out, but not the size.
Right now they are large, the firing will shrink them a little more, but they are still a bit large. Working with porcelain with details that tiny is something in which I could use more practice.
The feral cat came in to the studio with me while I was working. He would really like to be friends, it's not going to happen for awhile though because of naughty, hyperactive dog.
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This is a subject that has occasionally come up on the SCA potters list. I'd like to hear what people in other crafts, and dear GWEN of course, thinks.
Many examples of Western pottery show poorly made work. Heavy bases, uneven walls, obviously off center when the surface design looks like it was intended to be symetrical, visually weak forms. Handles that were squeezed and visually don't work with the form, etc.
First semester student work.

So, a lot of SCA period pottery pieces are considered by us moderns to be purely utilitarian, never left the kitchen, broke a lot, cheap 'n easy to replace.
Poorly crafted.

Folks, I cannot do poorly crafted. I have to do the highest quality I am capeable of doing.

I suppose I could just do Middle Eastern and Chinese work, or late period. But I love trying different things.

Many of you do Medieval crafts that, even though the craftsmen used simple tools, way outshine the work people do nowdays. Does anyone else face reproducing Medieval poorly made work? And if you don't would you?
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Things were better at school. The bosses’ boss heard about and witnessed some of the things that were going on in the worst offending residence and demanded the director of that residence take action. Some changes have started, if very slowly. I only had one boy with extreme behaviors, the rest seemed to be trying although they still sometimes dropped the ‘f’ bomb and had attitude, attitude, attitude. And the aforementioned kid will face some consequences. Rest of the classes went quite well, even said they loved the lesson I presented.
So all this change happened the same time I began to meditate and work on my attitude.
Has chewed up my most important embroidery tool, my fabric pen, also a couple of skeins of thread. Has got hold of….something, which has been chewed up and spread all over the floor. My sister came over for a short time and he made a total fool of himself leaping around because he was so glad to see her. He needs to be back at Moot playing with Grisjean, Yakul, Carter, and Mattie.
will go out to the studio in a few minutes. Looking very much forward to throwing a variety of pots in the Oregon Red clay. Hoping it is warm enough that I don’t have to start a fire in the studio stove to work there. Looking forward to the studio and planning on what I am going to do is how I got through the school week.
Argh, a mess. Yard also. I have to do much leaf raking. I want to make some peach jam this weekend too.
Thinking about the Artisan’s Retreat at Baron’s Ball. Hoping to get people acquainted. I am hearing that some Inlands folk say they don’t know how to document subject x, when I know of people planning on attending the Artisan’s retreat who actually *do* document subject x. That will be exciting to see those connections happen.
Concerned about MOAS non-reporting in the Inlands. Sounds like there will be consequences if they don’t. I have tried very hard to encourage their reporting. I’ve been doing the Inlands Reporting Deputy Job so long it might be easy to blow me off. Possibly there will be more respect if the word comes from Kingdom or Society.

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