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Working primarily on pottery for the Moscow (Modern) Renaissance Fair. Especially I am working on hoping for no rain.

The PWA isn't associated with the Ren Fair at all, meaning they scheduled a gallery opening the same time. I will have to give the opening a miss, which makes me sad as they are always fun, even though it is mostly our own members who show up for them. The theme for the show is "A Stitch In Time", and I have (what I consider) a funny, non-functional, pottery entry. I will miss hearing my friend's comments on it. I was also going to have an appliqued bog coat and bag, but in spite of the huge amount of time I have spent on it, it is still far from being done.

I always enjoy the Fair, it's a good place to connect with people I haven't talked to for a long time. And is uplifting.

I am going on the Climate March tomorrow too, or at least starting out, I am a little gimpy and may not be able to travel far. But starting out, or ending up, is what counts.
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The Moscow Renaissance Fair has come and gone. It was predicted to have terrible weather but instead it was beautiful. This does not happen often. People were out and about and acting like they were released from the prison of winter. It was good fun. Sales were slow, but I made some money, if not the greatest haul. Other merchants were discussing the slow down, many of them do the fair circuit for a living and haul big rigs to fairs every summer weekend, so they are pretty concerned. I am glad I have another income *sigh*. They told me a lot of artists who just sold in galleries have now entered the circuit. Many other fairs have raised their Booth fees this year, what ARE the promoters thinking when they raise Artist's rates in bad economic times. (Rhetorical Question, we know what they are thinking.)

But in general, a day of meriment, music, good food, and bad costuming. My booth was near the entrance and it made my heart happy to see a young woman walking in dressed in a simplicity medieval pattern of bright pink satin and lace beaming with joy. They looked like they "felt" pretty in those dresses. Here was a place a young lady didn't have to dress like Britney Spears or wear black and look marose to be one of the cool kids.

The organizers of this fair constantly say this Renaissance is the definition of the word meaning "rebirth". And I do feel like Spring is here now and I am re-connected with my community.

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