morgaina: (pit firing)
Yesterday was hot and muggy. I drug around not getting much accomplished. Thus it was a real surprised when a non-forcasted thunder and rain storm happened last night. Not good news to me because 1) I did a pit firing (it was completed thankfully and only one pot broke as a result. 2) I had a large cloche outside drying in the hot sun, 3) I had a large sculpture outside drying in the hot sun, 4) I had a 2 part plaster mold for the severed head curing in the hot sun. 5) My brazier was uncovered, my car windows down.
Eek all around.
Although the rainstorm left a beautiful, cooled-off day today.
Most of the pit pots turned out well.
pottery, pic heavy )
morgaina: (pit firing)
Lewiston was 104F. we successfully raised the area temperature even more by doing a raku firing. As in the past years, it was a lot of fun (clay, friends, controlled danger) but no really amazingly outstanding pots resulted. I got a nice vase, hard to take photos of it because it is shiny with luster; and got about 3 OK medalions and quite a few non-OK, which is OK. We did the raku in the top hat kiln we have used before but Michael, the genius, is constructing tiny kilns for each of us for future firings. kiln firing pics )

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