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The Mud and Spirits pottery show this weekend.
20 potters and ceramic sculptors all with very different work set up in a lovely remodled old church, now community center; with live music, purty decorations, and wine tasting & snacks. This will be my 3rd. year participating with them and did very well those previous times.
Wish I had time for one more firing. I have plenty of work completed, but then do a lot of re-firing if the glazes are on the not-exciting-to-me scale I re-glaze and haven't had a chance to since my last firing. I guess I won't take those with.
I'm looking forward to much talk with other potters since there will be folks from several regional cities selling there.
morgaina: (kiln contents)
I had a very nice weekend working in the studio. I glazed and worked on formulating some new glazes and making adjustments to some glazes I'd used before. I don't usually enjoy glazing as much as I did this weekend, making me realize yet again that a bad day at pottery is better than a good day in...well lots of places. Plus the local NPR station plays my most favorite music Saturday afternoons.

I did miss seeing friends at Crown Council though.

I'm getting ready for the Cowgirl Chocolates and Palouse Potters Guild Show. The reception on Saturday will test my determination. Marilyn, the "Head Cowgirl" is so generous, she will undoubtedly have lots of her gourmet chocolate truffles for the reception snacks. She taught us in a workshop once and had this huge bowl full of them ....just sitting there calling to the workshop participants.
I'll bring raw vegetables for my contribution. *sigh* Like that's an equal treat.

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