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Some things out of my latest kiln load.

I did a lot of glaze experimentation in this load, two of the new glazes, out of about 12 experiments came out well enough that I will make them again. The good ones are modern-style glazes however. The quest for perioid glazes is still not at an end it appears.
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Back from the first day of the fair there was rain interspersed with downpour, break in the clouds, & hail, then repeat. I am a little chilled. Interestingly sales were OK considering the small crowds.
Here are some more pics from the last firing:
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The Guild is doing a lot of bowls for our Empty Bowl Project. So it is a good excuse to do many bowls. A few other things I've been doing too.
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These are the most recent pottery from the kiln that I liked. Most of the rest of the load will either be re-glazed or have received the hammer treatment.

Covered casserole dish, maybe 1&1/2 quarts.

Jug and mug.

A purple luncheon set. I gave the green set to HGS for Christmas. He said "Nice Artwork", which is the most positive feedback he's ever given me. heh.

Soup bowl. Many soup bowls are on my mind now with Empty Bowls workshops upcoming and "Soup Bowls for the YWCA" we are doing at work.
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For Christmas this year Celadon asked for a dumbek. I used to make quite a few of these, but haven't for years. The heads are a pain to put on. All of the heads I apply are glued on with a water based glue, stretched down in a strange little structure, held with turnbuckles and dried over a couple of days. I used to string the heads on with rawhide, but really that had no structural purpose, just for looks. So this one is just held together with glue, no cord and will be just as sturdy. I had one for about 6 years with just glue until someone talked me into selling it to them.
I am compelled to say the sound on this is great, very warm, deep tone.

It is about 14" tall and 12" wide at the head.

I'm going to make her a bag to carry it in. I just barely finished it in time for Christmas, so I didn't get to the bag.
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I'm having a good time in the studio this week. Although I have got a little done,it is a constant struggle trying to keep the studio warm and that is taking up a percentage of my productive time and physical energy.
It's been a while since I have been to a city to buy clay so am getting it from a regional neighbor. This is good because he is a friend, an entrepreneur, and it is local clay. But the clay is....short. Thus it takes a lot more effort to get the shapes I want than a fatter clay like B-Mix does and it's much more difficult to get any kind of height.

I have several of the "Lark 500" series of craft books. I've found it interesting that so many of the pitchers in the "500 Pitchers" are jug styles from the high Medieval era. My own jugs (hur) are beginning to feel blurred between modern and medieval.

The tallest jug in this set is 12" tall.

Trying different things with the feet.

The photo is somewhat misleading the bowl on the right is about a 3qt capacity and those on the left are soup bowl size.

The tallest goblet is 9" tall, the shortest goblet is around 7" tall. I have a commission for 2 Communion sets, one is supposed to be considerably larger than the other set. There is a reason but I don't remember why.
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Some of the pottery I've been working on recently. I will try to get photos of my collage too, but it probably needs re-framed. The show the collage is in has an opening tomorrow. The theme for the show is "The Road Less Traveled". Yeah....I suppose I have some life experience in that. ;-)

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Mica ware

Aug. 5th, 2009 02:37 pm
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Master [ profile] hroar expressed interest in the mica clay so here are some photos of the ware I have been making with low-fire mica clay. This is a commercial body from New Mexico Clay Co., is supposed to be what they Pueblo Indians used for cook pots, and I wanted to experiment with it.

white mica clay, I haven't started the red yet )
Although New Mexico Clay was a good company to work with, shipping makes this clay impractical, my plan is to prospect around here for mica clay as soon as the weather moderates.
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I know I said the Tonala family's work was majolica, but that is wrong wrong it is underglazes painted on bisqueware.
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Not the most rewarding kiln opening I've had. The biggest disappointment was the stools, which were so severely cracked I couldn't exhibit them. I might put a bead of silicone on them and keep them outside. The glaze and design turned out nicely. This only adds to the frustration.

Then there were the other pots for ArtWalk, inspired by the Lascaux Cave paintings. They are OK but didn't turn out like I had hoped. I used a mouth atomizer to spray glaze & slip as a background on them, I obviously didn't have it concentrated enough (although I personally almost passed out from the blowing) leaving too pristine a white for the background. I think the idea is great though and worth pursuing. I'm going to keep trying with it. However, I have to fill an entire kiln, so if the if the results are mediocre or poor, I've wasted an entire load.

The best ones were due to the brilliant Miss [ profile] dancing_guru who encouraged me not to put glaze over the top of two of them. She was so right. If anyone wants to know why you should have adult children, it is because they give, without question, the most useful, honest, and tactful critiques I get. When working on a project, I have so often wished they were around for suggestions/advise/honest appraisal.

I have to go set up my ArtWalk display in a couple of hours. Wish I felt better about my pots.
This was the due date for "Madame Chair" so that is right out.
here are some pics anyway )

One of the real positives is that at last I have found some images of horses that aren't such cliche images (to me anyway) as so many horses on ceramics feel like.
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I smell like burnt chicken feathers.
This is because I got close enough to put a lot of horsehair on hot saggar pots before they cooled.
our high tech kiln behind the cut: )
We had to leave before the rest of the pots cooled enough to be removed from the barrel, but I have great hopes for one and think another will be OK.
It was exciting anyway and am thinking of doing a saggar firing here at the house and am going to try the amphora shapes in it again.


Feb. 28th, 2009 08:05 pm
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I am really excited about the saggar firing we are doing tomorrow. I have more pots prepared than will fit in, but I will be happy with the space given.

Judith decided to have us come out and do a saggar firing because at the last meeting we were grumpy and showing signs of being late winter jerks and doing some ranting......... OK, all of this behavior was me not the whole group, but the rest were in serious danger of catching my attitude.

We will put wonderfully nasty chemicals around the pots so the results won't be functional. They won't be glazed as such rather, the process is similar to pit firing only with more bits of (earthy)reds and yellows.

Different style here are some functional pots I'm bringing to KA&S
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I posted previously that I found a plate that I like better than any Medieval design I have yet seen. It can be found here:;ISL;es;Mus01;3;en
So, of course, I used the design. my version )
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We only got an inch or two of snow last night, very manageable. But the mercury did drop and it was quite cold. Upon starting to warm the studio this morning I saw that the pots I threw yesterday froze.
Also frozen were some that I had trimmed and were drying. I was going to switch to white clay tomorrow, now that the red pots made are destined to be a pile of slip I don't know.Beware! frozen pots behind cut )
I don't believe I'm marooned, I'm pretty sure I can get into town today, [ profile] dancing_guru is going to help me bring the Trooper back to the house. I hope it is all raring to go after seeing the car Doc.
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(Sekret Santz filtered). After what must have been an arduous trip it was finally delivered, so am taking the filter off!

The wrong is there aren't enough rat themes on ceramic ware (or anything for that matter) so I had to right this particular oversight with the use of underglazes for my Sekret Santz gift to [ profile] parlor_games. The guideline was less than $10. on materials and this was probably that.

I had so much fun doing this.

Detail of one of the rattus rattuseseseses.
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I did so much stuff, I was exhausted by the time to go to the day job Monday. All the stuff I had to do didn't get completed either, if there was one more day of the weekend I would be golden.
Primarily, what I did was glaze pottery for our fourth annual "Mud and Spirits" show in Coeur d'Alene next weekend. (Where the heck did the year go?) It's an all-pottery sale there should be about 25 potters there & I am looking forward to it. I had a good time and made good sales the past three years. I like the other potters there. I am trying a few new things, such as simple jewelry pieces. In spite of being simple the durn jewelry pieces are fussy, fussy, fussy in all stages of their development.
I was very pleased with the glazes on this load, lots of depth, lots of interest, the kind of glazes you want to lick. And, typical of a great firing for me, the glazes went ballistic. They ran, they dripped, they spit, they plucked. My poor (and expensive) kiln shelves.
Got a sooper special cassarole out of the firing for a patient Lady too.
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Yesterday was hot and muggy. I drug around not getting much accomplished. Thus it was a real surprised when a non-forcasted thunder and rain storm happened last night. Not good news to me because 1) I did a pit firing (it was completed thankfully and only one pot broke as a result. 2) I had a large cloche outside drying in the hot sun, 3) I had a large sculpture outside drying in the hot sun, 4) I had a 2 part plaster mold for the severed head curing in the hot sun. 5) My brazier was uncovered, my car windows down.
Eek all around.
Although the rainstorm left a beautiful, cooled-off day today.
Most of the pit pots turned out well.
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Lewiston was 104F. we successfully raised the area temperature even more by doing a raku firing. As in the past years, it was a lot of fun (clay, friends, controlled danger) but no really amazingly outstanding pots resulted. I got a nice vase, hard to take photos of it because it is shiny with luster; and got about 3 OK medalions and quite a few non-OK, which is OK. We did the raku in the top hat kiln we have used before but Michael, the genius, is constructing tiny kilns for each of us for future firings. kiln firing pics )
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Took HES to the airport yesterday. Then in about a week they are off to Guadalahara. We don't know when we will see each other again, I don't like that. *shakes fist at all non-matrilineal cultures*.
Seeing friends at Coronation will help me feel better.

Here are a few more pictures I took yesterday. There was modern work in this kiln load too. But here are some Medieval-type pots.
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This early afternoon I take HES to the airport. It has been so good to have him here for so long. I am also so very grateful to him, he painted the front of the house and it looks so much better. That is the biggest area, I should be able to finish painting the rest myself. After about a week and a half in Chicago he and DIL will set out for their new home in Guadalahara. (Must, must, must get passport paperwork completed!)

I unloaded the kiln this morning, in general the load looks good. There are a few things I am slightly dissatisfied with the glaze so will slap more glaze on and re-fire. That is fairly typical for how I work.
I was happy with the amphorae for [ profile] tjk_40 the tallest one, shown here is 17". One not shown broke in the bisque firing :-( This was the most amazingly fun group of pots to make.

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