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These are some paintings Gavin didn't include in his show. They were piled up in his apartment. These aren't his preferred paintings. but I thought you might like to look at them anyway.
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I'm at dancing_guru's apartment now. She fixed us a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. It had all the bells and whistles and everything turned out very well.
However, I do wish I hadn't turned one of her pie plates into shrapnel this morning by turning the burner on under it. *blush*
Gavin says he is wearing his "Seattle colors" today. That has meaning, but I don't know what. We're about to go on pilgrimage to Seattle Pottery Supply. Hooray!

South Side

Jul. 8th, 2007 08:24 am
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Yesterday we drove to Chicago's South Side to go to the Oriental Museum. This is a museum of artifacts from ancient Middle Eastern cultures. Most of the collection was pottery of course. One artifact I thought was particularly interesting was a potters wheel made of clay. I had assumed most would be made of wood. There was also some shards and a few whole pieces from Medieval Iran & Iraq. Not as impressive as the Chicago Art Institute Museum, but fun nonetheless. Plus some huge sculptures from Babalon and lions from the Ishtar gates. I do an Egyptian Art unit at school, so got some things from the museum store to enhance some of the classes.
We were still in the South Side so for a late lunch we went to a Vegan Soul Food Restaurant. It was pretty good, we all liked our meals. The kids thought the restaurant was connected with the Church of Islam.
After that the heat and humidity had sapped my energy, so I stayed at the apartment although the kids went out with their friends. I wanted to make sure they didn't have to entertain me every minute, so that worked out well for all of us.
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I just booked a flight to Chicago in early July to visit my son and daughter-in-law and see the sights.
I was hedging for awhile, but after the inspiration of other friends who are traveling I realized I had best get the tickets before I wait too long.
Unlike [ profile] ornerie no first class tickets for me though. I'll just be happy for an aisle seat and no one obnoxious nearby.

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