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I am thankful for a buncha stuff.
What I am most excited about right now is my bookbinding class. Tomorrow it will be the pottery I am working on, but for now the book binding. I managed to get to the class last night.

This is my first longstich book. The style is from the 1500s. The tension on my sewing was too loose so jim suggested I weave the stitch. The cover is a wood plank Jim split, then I cut to size and sanded. He splits the planks so the tree rings are parallel in the width of the plank, 'quarter cut'. He says any other way of cutting, the wood will eventually warp. The hinge is linen, so is the thread, and the adhesive used is wheat flour paste. I tore up a sketch book for the pages. I have many sketch books around the house with a few pages blank, so I am going through those, plus saving the papers my students at work WASTE.

Last night I started carving a bone folder, I also put a leather hinge on another wood cover and covered a recycled hardbound book cover with linen. I hope to make that one a coptic book.
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We got a day off today as comp time for a training we endured before work started at the beginning of the school year. This is a big yay! of course, but I wish I could spend it in the studio rather than cooking and cleaning for tomorrow. Still 'tis good. [ profile] dancing_guru was giant help when she came over Sunday and doing a lot of pre-cooking and tidying up for me. This meant I can do some different things such as making the potatoes and turkey more interesting (due to inspiration from my lj f-list.)

As usual, the whole family won't be here *sigh*. HGS couldn't afford to come home, we'll get him home for Christmas by hook or crook tho. It probably bothers me when they are alone on a holiday more than it does them. The Guadalahara kids are going to visit the ruins of Teotihuacán on t-day and are excited about that. I would be too.

Having some "challenges" here. My oven isn't working right. Argh! What a terrible time to have trouble. I plan to get up several hours earlier to start the bird in the oven. If worse comes to worse I will fire up the old wood cook stove for the cooking.

I am sorry to report Amby's behavior has been terrible. On two occasions he shoved past me and ran outside, then wouldn't come again when called. He circles past me at a dead run with a goofy grin on his face. He comes close enough that I can't quite reach him, I can imagine him saying: "nyah, nyah". When a friend came over to talk pottery he made a complete dork out of himself; he also jumped on the counter and ruined a pie crust when I turned my back for just a second. All of this before 12:00 noon. This is the thanks I get for buying him a new toy today.
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I'm at dancing_guru's apartment now. She fixed us a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. It had all the bells and whistles and everything turned out very well.
However, I do wish I hadn't turned one of her pie plates into shrapnel this morning by turning the burner on under it. *blush*
Gavin says he is wearing his "Seattle colors" today. That has meaning, but I don't know what. We're about to go on pilgrimage to Seattle Pottery Supply. Hooray!

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