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These are some paintings Gavin didn't include in his show. They were piled up in his apartment. These aren't his preferred paintings. but I thought you might like to look at them anyway.
More paintings )
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Handsome Goth Son, also known as Gavin will have his Senior Thesis Show grand opening on May 24th, beginning at 4:00pm. The place is Stevens Studios 1241 NW Johnson St., Portland. Which is about 2 blocks from PNCA located in the Pearl District. [ profile] daedin will be there so will [ profile] dancing_guru as a busy college student she hasn't been around much recently.

He says I will be surprised by his new work. I believe him. It will be pretty amazing (and possibly horrifying) if I know Gavin.

I know this is the same time as Stromguard's GrandThing, but I think a short field trip to the show would be possible (???). You can even keep your garb on, Gavin would love it.
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With her Zombie drawing.

In case Handsome Goth Son wants to have a little luncheon party I made him a bowl set.
[ profile] dancing_guru and I often say to each other: Don't encourage him!!! )
The shop jury will probably reject these pots too. (heh)
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If you like to go to First Thursday Gallery Walk, Handsome Goth Son has an art piece in Utreck Art Supply store this Thursday. The show is a compilation artist's self portraits.
His name is Gavin Eveland, and since he emails like he has to pay for each word, I don't know much about it but I am completely certain it will be fantastic.

Wish I could be there to see it. I do plan to be there May 24th to see his Senior Thesis Show.
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The [ profile] dancing_guru and I went out a third time, this time we changed areas and found huckleberries. Lots of them although they were small making us have to work hard to get the amount we wanted.

We were so proud of our catch that we sort of used them as a centerpiece. We were surprised to find them not picked over because the patches were not up in the deep woods, but rather, fairly accessable. Perhaps people have not been out because according to my sister there is a sow bear and her cubs that have been in the area and I did see bear scat. D_G & I were not afraid, however, as we were guarded and protected by the Cocker Spaniel of courage, who has yapping as his super power. There were deer around as well as extremely crabby chipmunks and ground squirrels. But the happy point is that we have enough for our pie for Christmas dinner, a pie tomorrow, and we had huckleberries on ice cream Thursday night. Heaven.

We could also share them with HGS, who is still here for a few days before he returns to PDX. For those of you who have not seen him recently )
I am still flailing away attempting to bake bread over the coals in a cloche: although it looks like it would work )

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