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This weekend at KA&S I drove in unknown territory after Friday night at KA&S and did not get lost. Why, you may ask? What is this reason for this break with tradition? My friends it is because of this )
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was great. Such fun. Thanks to [ profile] gwen_the_potter and her whole family for their hospitality. She is such a gracious & well-organized person. Dragon's Laire, as usual, rocked my socks, you-all are so fine. Also a shout out to [ profile] ayeshadream for cooking up (heh) the idea and it's manifestation in the first place. Also good was meeting some new people. There is rumor that the Culinary Symposium will happen again next year and I certainly hope so.

We had such a good time in the Clay Pots classes, I could have been more organized I suppose, but still it seemed easy-going, educational, and fun.

I learned several things from the class I did not previously know:
1) It takes a village. By self doesn't work as well as several doing prep work, fire tending, food tending, and yaking. Plus it was more fun that way Thanks everyone!
2) Thick walled, open, low-fire pots take a considerably longer time to bring water to a boil than our mid-range fired pots and they loose a lot of water in the process through evaporation.
3) Bullion cubes, even those from health-food type, stores are in reality rectangles chipped from salt licks & dipped in brown. Someone should look into making it a federal regulation to print this warning label in large, friendly letters on the box.

[ profile] ayeshadream also let Gwen & me bring pottery to sell there. So the fun will continue. It's so rewarding to think the work we made will go on to enrich people's cooking experiences. And now I have some empty shelves and can make more!!!!!

Then Sunday I spent the day with [ profile] daedin and had such good talks with her. [ profile] ornerie joined us for supper, so I got to hang with her twice!

Stopped by Clayart Center in Tacoma and was much pleased with their business and service, plus they carry the brand of clay I like for my red pots. Three good ceramic supply places to choose from now.

The drive home was boring as usual with the exceptions of a sighting of the Weenie Mobile speeding down the I-90 and some wierdness in Ellensbury area. Which I attributed to my political bumper sticker, but that wasn't unpleasant enough to cancel the Weenie Mobile sighting fun.
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There is an excellent exhibit in a little gallery in Moscow.
Jim Croft and his partner Melody have been living simply in the real boonies of Idaho for several decades now. They are sincere folks and amazing craftspeople.
Jim specializes in handmade books and is well-known in the field. He teaches in Penland and has been featured in two of their books. Museums send him damaged Medieval books to repair and/or rebind. All their tools are handmade and mostly of materials they grow or harvest themselves. Here are some photos I took of the exhibit )
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Behind the cut are bowls folks made for the Empty Bowl Donation that will take place this weekend. Really nice work.
People in attendance will be soooo lucky to get these lovely bowls at a bargain price AND donate to a good cause.
Thanks again to the generous bowl painters.
(If I forgot one please tell me)
many pics )
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I started off small, I made a couple of hats from [ profile] mrq_laurellen's web site. Then after seeing her plans for 50th year challenge I wanted to do a challenge too. Finally, her pouches were so marvelous again I followed in her footsteps....well sort of ;-) mine aren't as beautifully crafted, etc. But still I enjoyed the heck out of doing this one. With a few more in the pile to go.
(If you ever see me in late period garb with ruffs, you will know I'm lost & a complete wannabe)

This isn't a pouch so much as a bag.
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Mud and Spirits was fun. I don't exactly know how much I made because the C.A.G.N.I. folk organized the payments and will send an inventory and a check. I know I covered expenses, but don't have an idea if I did better than last year. I would have loved to sell more, I had some to haul home of course.

It's about the nicest show we all do, the customers come because they want to buy pottery; it's not the casual entertainment wandering-around of most art fairs. But they also seem more courteous than others. Maybe it was just a good day, all around was happiness. Such a stark contrast to my weekly workday.

I picked Amby up from the spa this morning. His spa is in the country and I took a short cut on roads that were even more back country. The snow had drifted a foot and a half in some places. I plowed through them with the AWD and studded sawdusts. Dayum that was fun (POW, SWOOSH), I still have loads to do in the house here, but for a while considered finding more backroads and spending the day swooshing through them. (That would have had disaster written all over it.)
pics of M&S )
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Hi Folks,
This Saturday the local group here will be holding a little event in honor of the memory of Master Khudikhar the Bear who passed away in fall of 2006.
There will be a time to read aloud tributes or memories of him during the feast.
Would people who would like to contribute with a wee bit or many memories please send them to me.
And of course, it would be great if you could come too, although I know most of you have commitments.
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It's interesting how a wonderful weekend throws the difficulties of the day job into such extreme relief.
My SCA friends are such mentally healthy, fun, honorable people, although we may jokingly call ourselves 'crazy'. Such a difference to the unhappy, self-defeating emotionally disturbed people I work with regularly.
For the umteenth time, I wish I had an effective way to convey to my students that they have the power to stop making themselves so miserable and stop screwing up their own lives.
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Over the weekend I did go to Spokane to get clay and clothes. I actually loved the shopping and felt that I was channeling freewaydiva. ;-)

I had lunch with Elayne Greybeard and you will be pleased to hear she is active, walking, and driving on her own! She vowed to start her school year without the aid of a cane and she met her goal like the amazing woman she is.

I am trying to get her to join LJ too.

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