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In general things are going very well. I see Deva & family almost daily, to the point where I am longing for more Art time. My son is getting a drawing done daily and even some writing, not sure how he is doing that, Wee Beatrice is an extremely active child. Today they have to leave the AirBnB, they only are able to stay for a month before zoning comes into the picture. So they are moving in with me for the rest of their time before they return to China.

But their and my, big, big news is that they are buying a house in Moscow with the plan of living here every summer!!! Not only that but they are buying a duplex and I am going to rent that and move in sometime next year. They plan to rent their part to a student for the school year and I will be the apartment manager.

I can't believe it and don't know what to think of first. I have a love-hate relationship with my place here. I can't handle all this land and a house that is falling down around my ears, but it's my home. I raised my babies here, I planted every non-willow or cottonwood tree on the place and they are now majestic. I fought for my kids and I to stay when my ex husband tried to sell it out from under us without my knowledge. Amby can run free like a speedy nut job. I have the best pottery studio in the world here and I can do pit firings with no one caring about the billowing smoke. I have over 5 fruit trees that are so heavy with fruit they are bent over. But carrying wood, wood pellets, shoveling snow, having snow plowed, being cold all winter and as I said, the house degrading every season, I know I can't safely stay.

I am also going to have to get rid of 2/3 to 3/4 of my stuff too. Its a not large apartment. There is room for a small studio, but when I started doing pottery eons ago, I always worked in an extra bedroom. So that will be a bit of a challenge, but not much. Its the stuff stuff that concerns.
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70 years ago, the United States dropped “Fat Boy” on Nagasaki, Japan, which, along with the Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima three days earlier, either ended, or speeded the end of WW11. I have thought about this since I was 12, (when I spent my Scholastic Books money on the book *Hiroshima* and all the other kids thought that I was a nerd although we didn’t have the term *nerd* at the time.)
Anyone who has been paying attention since that world-altering event has been concerned about it, but added to that is that both my parents had a small amount of direct involvement. My mother was a “Rosie the Riveter” for the Army, only rather than riveting she repaired airplane radios from planes that had been shot down. Towards the end of the war an order came in that they were to halt all other projects and solder cables. The job was what she called “hush hush” and security was even more so during thIs job. They didn’t tell the workers at the time what it was that they were working on. The powers that be separated the various jobs and sent them to different bases all over the United States, so no one would know or could figure out just what it was that they were working on. It was later that she found out what she had been working on and she said “I felt bad that I helped kill so many people.“ A surprising separation of thought from the “anything to help the war effort” mentality that she had espoused.
Dad’s experience was direct too. He was a Marine in the Pacific Theatre, his platoon was ordered to go into Nagasaki with “bayonets fixed”. But when they got to the Island they met no resistance at all. Not surprising to us now who know what the atomic bomb did, but they didn’t know at the time.
They were in Nagasaki even before it was widely known that it was dangerous. Dad said that a Lieutenant and he jumped into a jeep and drove through the city out of curiosity before the city was closed off and people forbidden to enter because of radiation. So he and the Lieutenant drove through ground zero in an open jeep.
As with every person I’ve ever known or heard of who fought in WWII he never talked about it. I’m not sure how I knew but after I was an adult I talked a friend of mine, who was a freelance news reporter to interview Dad, which he did and published a feature article in the local paper. Dad talked a little more to the reporter and talked a little about how everything was flattened, complete devastation and how the world couldn‘t suffer another atomic bomb.
He never got sick from the full-face of radiation he must have experienced, which is curious, but lucky for me.
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My sister just told me this story.
Mom was staying with Joyce (my sister) when she died. Her house is in a tiny town on the edge of the woods. It was hot out and she had the windows all open, Joyce was outside watering flowers when she looked up & saw about 10 huge birds with immense wingspans circling her house. The neighbor came out to watch too and said they were 'turkey vultures'. They circled for quite awhile. Mom died about 6 hours later.
Turkey vultures (in the local venacular called 'buzzards') are not common birds in that area. Joyce said she had never seen any before and I have only sighted them once, even as often as I have been in that woods.
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Today is Mom's funeral, Gavin, Celadon, and Chris are home just for the two days.

I got a call from oldest son, Deva & wife Jenny, they just got back from their honeymoon hiking and touring in Ecuador. We hadn't heard from them for the 3 weeks they were gone, so I thought a jaguar had eaten them, my sister thought it would be an anaconda who ate them. Ha! she was wrong.

Actually they had fun & interesting experiences with no bad incidents. So it was sad that the first thing I had to tell him was that his grandma had died, they were very close when he was a child and although over the past year I kept trying to tell him how badly her health was deteriorating it wasn't as real to him since he couldn't see her. She was able to attend his Idaho wedding, which was her last outing, so that was very good.

I did some throwing on Monday and am concerned it will dry out before I get a chance to trim and add surface decoration. Maybe I'll get up really early tomorrow to work on them.

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