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was great. Such fun. Thanks to [ profile] gwen_the_potter and her whole family for their hospitality. She is such a gracious & well-organized person. Dragon's Laire, as usual, rocked my socks, you-all are so fine. Also a shout out to [ profile] ayeshadream for cooking up (heh) the idea and it's manifestation in the first place. Also good was meeting some new people. There is rumor that the Culinary Symposium will happen again next year and I certainly hope so.

We had such a good time in the Clay Pots classes, I could have been more organized I suppose, but still it seemed easy-going, educational, and fun.

I learned several things from the class I did not previously know:
1) It takes a village. By self doesn't work as well as several doing prep work, fire tending, food tending, and yaking. Plus it was more fun that way Thanks everyone!
2) Thick walled, open, low-fire pots take a considerably longer time to bring water to a boil than our mid-range fired pots and they loose a lot of water in the process through evaporation.
3) Bullion cubes, even those from health-food type, stores are in reality rectangles chipped from salt licks & dipped in brown. Someone should look into making it a federal regulation to print this warning label in large, friendly letters on the box.

[ profile] ayeshadream also let Gwen & me bring pottery to sell there. So the fun will continue. It's so rewarding to think the work we made will go on to enrich people's cooking experiences. And now I have some empty shelves and can make more!!!!!

Then Sunday I spent the day with [ profile] daedin and had such good talks with her. [ profile] ornerie joined us for supper, so I got to hang with her twice!

Stopped by Clayart Center in Tacoma and was much pleased with their business and service, plus they carry the brand of clay I like for my red pots. Three good ceramic supply places to choose from now.

The drive home was boring as usual with the exceptions of a sighting of the Weenie Mobile speeding down the I-90 and some wierdness in Ellensbury area. Which I attributed to my political bumper sticker, but that wasn't unpleasant enough to cancel the Weenie Mobile sighting fun.
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Took HES to the airport yesterday. Then in about a week they are off to Guadalahara. We don't know when we will see each other again, I don't like that. *shakes fist at all non-matrilineal cultures*.
Seeing friends at Coronation will help me feel better.

Here are a few more pictures I took yesterday. There was modern work in this kiln load too. But here are some Medieval-type pots.
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I had planned to have a Merchant's Booth at Coronation.
But my helpers can't attend due to work schedule. Between meetings and helping out at the Laurel/Apprentice Beer Garden I would be gone so many hours from the booth it wouldn't be a good idea.

So taking my lead from [ profile] aelfgyfu my plan is to bring a couple of boxes of pottery to set up in my big new pavilion (did I mention I have a new pavilion ;-)?) if anyone would like to buy or barter for pottery. I have a lot of pottery made, so if anyone has requests for particular pieces let me know & I'll make certain to pack them.

This plan could change at the last minute if my helpers' plans change, but that is unlikely.

Sadness that [ profile] dancing_guru and Cleg(?) can't come to Coronation. Happiness to be seeing many of you.
Oh and proudness er, pride; my apprentice Bronwen is going to take the position of Kingdom Scribe! She will be conscientious and good at it. The turnover will probably be at Coronation.

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