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We raised over $1700. for Hunger Organizations! It was quite a bit of work, but so fun and rewarding. Plus, I think it is finally established that Empty Bowls is an annual community activity people are aware of as a "must-do". We had more entertainment this year, so after eating people just hung out enjoying the music and dance.

A couple who attended said they were visiting from "An area near Kirkland" and want to start an Empty Bowls Event there. We offered to help however we could. That would be cool, coming to a location near you!
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Behind the cut are bowls folks made for the Empty Bowl Donation that will take place this weekend. Really nice work.
People in attendance will be soooo lucky to get these lovely bowls at a bargain price AND donate to a good cause.
Thanks again to the generous bowl painters.
(If I forgot one please tell me)
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Because that is what I am on right now. :-) :-) :-)

Mind you, there could be improvement. We wake up to new snowfall every morning, most of it is gone by afternoon, but there is still snow on the ground. I have so very much yard work to do. I haven’t tried to rake between snow piles because the wind is so icy cold and I am a wimp who is in favor of warmth. I want to burn dead weeds so much I can taste it. It has been several years since I’ve had a garden, I gave vegetable gardening up because I have just too much to do. I’m considering having one this year however, I know it is the desire for Spring talking. Eepp, I need to prune the fruit trees too.

I spent a wonderful day in the studio. I ran out of my favored clay and was forced to open a bag of porcelain, I haven’t worked in porcelain for quite awhile, so there was some getting to re-know it and watching it collapse, heh. Ummm porcelain, I need to add a Chinese persona. So excited to go to Georgie’s Ceramic Supply. Ummm Georgie’s Ceramic supply.

Speaking of so excited, in a few days I will get to see Handsome Goth son. Now that is a thought so happy I could pop. And then [ profile] daedin, [ profile] freewaydiva, and maybe more friends as well as HGS on Saturday. I plan on picking up some bisque ware tiles at Georgie’s so we can glaze those for ourselves as well as the bowls for Empty Bowls.
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My Spring Break starts after school today
and not a moment too soon!!!

It is my feeling that it lasts longer if I plan it, so I've planned it. Half of the plans will come to naught if those stupid 5" of stupid snow we got last night doesn't melt and I mean melt now!!! Are you listening snow??!!.

But after my plans achieve victory. Later in next week I am coming to Portland to visit handsome middle son. Then Saturday, April 5th, around 12:00 noon we are going to Daedin's with more nefarious plans. We are going to paint bisque bowls for the Empty Bowls charity I have been working towards.

You are invited to join us. It would be so wonderful to see you and to have you make a bowl for donation.
I will have plenty of bisqued bowls ready to go and some ideas for designs for people who are unsure of what to do. If you have ideas though, this is even more better. I will then take the bowls back to the studio, glaze fire them, then photograph them for you to see the final results of your good works.

In terms of what we will do, the bowl glazing will be more similar to scribal arts than vessel making. You can get just as elaborate as could be imagined on these, on the other hand if you are less than sure of yourself with scribal stuff even something like simple stripes can be very beautiful on bowls!!

I was originally thinking of us using maiolica technique, but there might be less bunping off of glaze if we use underglazes on the bowls and I put the overglaze on them when I get back home. However, I am more than willing to bring stuff for maiolica too if you let me know.

Which reminds me, if you can let [ profile] daedin and/or me know we'll make sure there are supplies for everyone*.

It would be so good to see a bunch of people. There is even rumor of a Gavin sighting. How rare is that ;-)

I am writing this in the morning before I go to work and have had enough coffee, so I may not have all the info. but will either edit or write again when I am awake.

*Oh don't tell Daedin, it's going to be a surprise.

*joke heh, heh*
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This morning I awoke to a cold bedroom, this caused me to leap out of bed in fear. A cold house means it got unexpectedly cold overnight and there was the possibility that all the work I had done over the past few days had been ruined by freezing. I spent Friday thawing out everything and re-wedging clay, then the next days were spent throwing and trimming bowls for the Palouse Potters Guild Empty Bowls project. I was particularly careful to remove throw lines & make both the interior and exterior smooth and a gradual slope for underglazes & maiolica. I hope to have several small workshops for people to decorate the bowls intended for donation.

Luckily, there was no freezing in the studio, so all was well there, if nippy.

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I also got stuck in the driveway again. Because the walls of snow are so close I have no turn-around area and have to back up the 1/8th of a mile to my house. But for the first time I got wedged in and instantly created ice-fishing quality ice under the tires. This is undoubtedly because at the time I was congratulating myself at my mad driving skillz. I will never congratulate myself again! grrrr. [ profile] dancing_guru and Adam had to come and help me get out.
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Alumina hydrate in wax resist with a suspender if anyone is interested.

In other news, I feel a little awkward about giving this information because of last years mighty belly flop....but my local potter's guild is planning on holding our EMPTY BOWLS event April 19th. We have different people organizing it this year, so we have a better chance of success. My job description is to solicit bowls. (I still have [ profile] gwen_the_potter"s generous donation in a safe place from last year).

We discussed this a bit on LJ last year, so now I kind of have a plan. My Spring Break is the first week of April, I am coming over to visit and if someone would like to host a workshop for working on these donations, whoever is interested could paint bowls, maiolica style. I started throwing a buncha bowls today and am making the interior slope gradual so they will be fun to paint upon. I think I have a cunning scheme to keep the glazes from smearing, then I'll take them back and fire them. I'll take photos & post too. In terms of messyness it would be fairly equivalent to scribal arts.

Since I have children in both Seattle and Portland, if there is interest we could do one in both places....or we could all decend upon [ profile] daedin who resides in the middle heh, and not tell her.

The Food Co-op is donating the soup and bread, so after we cover building rental, which is about $70., ALL the proceeds will go to hunger organizations. The Guild decided 1/2 would go to Oxfam & the other 1/2 to a few food banks in little towns around here, which we hear, are really hurting.

I am excited about this. I love working on this project.

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