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I have been keeping up with a drawing a day for the most part. Had to miss when during driving times to and from KASB, although I could have stopped and taken some time to do it, but driving is tiring and being tired is about my worst sketch enemy.
So anyway, here they are: drawing, 34th
I did this drawing during court, I don't know who the subject is.

drawing, 35th week
this drawing was of my bag and I did it while at Gavin's place. Gavin suggested that I put down a sepia wash on my paper and draw on that so I could use a white conte crayon for highlights. I am anxious to try his suggestion and hope that Michael's has walnut ink so that I don't have to send for it.
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This drawing was taken from a Calendar photograph. I chose it because I liked the tree but I neglected to think ahead about the weeds in the foreground. After I finished the rest of the drawing at first I thought I would leave the foreground blank and just do some of the weeds along the bank and the tree trunk. That looked unfinished/lazy, so I drew in one style of weed, looked awful, erased and drew them in another style, also awful.
Thus I erased and tried the weed wisps that I left in. I guess they turned out fine, I really had no idea of what else to do with them.
drawing, 33rd week
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I really like this garb of Ref's because he looks like a Badass Baron.
So there I was drawing away happily until I realized that there was foreshortening, both arms Aieeee. But I soldiered on in the face of certain frustration.
drawing, 12th week
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Cabbage and lettuce heads rather than human ones this time.
Farmer's Markets are so picturesque.
Drawing, 11th week

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