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My food preperation tonight was a carbonnade and rys pottage.

The carbonnade began with sauteing the onions & garlic in a handleless cooking pot with a round base. Cooked bootiful. I began browning the stew meat in a cauldron with very short legs and soon found I was out of pot space with everything so transferred it all, once they were sauteed, into a larger flat-bottomed, wide cassarole-type pot. After I added the beer it bubbled away, enough that I had to keep moving it to a less hot area. I was a little concerned about the cassarole breaking. It is flat, 9" diameter with almost a right angle walls of 3 & 1/2". Great for cooking, but not as structurally strong shape as a dome shape. However, it worked quite well.

I soaked the rys in a pipkin, drained it and cooked the pottage in the same pot. This particular pipkin had a round base and long legs, which I personally like working with. I checked on it regularly to make certain the milk wasn't scorching and it didn't, I think the long pipkin legs help to keep the milk from that dastardly fate (I can scorch milk even on a conventional stove).

After another futile try with bread in a cloche, the realization hit that my problem is the size of the cloche. As large as this one is needs a large fire pit or brazier. Although I have one of Torvald's big braziers it still isn't the right size for this cloche, so I'm going to make another one brazier size.

The carbonnade was fabulous, so was the rys pottage. [ profile] dancing_guru and Adam thought the carbonnade was too strong flavored and said they'd prefer it over noodles or rice, which many of the recipes call for anyway. [ profile] dancing_guru was brought up on rice pudding, so she loved that. She also mentioned I might have overcooked the honey candy from yesterday, I'd been wondering about that myself. They both enjoyed the bread, after I gave up using the cloche and baked it in the electric oven.
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For someone who is as interested as I am in [ profile] ornerie’s cook book plans and schemes and advanced cooking techniques, you wouldn’t think I’d screw up so badly on a simple thing such as forgetting the leavening and salt in the uber-muffins I just made. But I did. Unusual breakfasts for me the next week.

Birdies flew in my studio today trying to beat their little brains, or lack thereof, out on the windows. Some years I get a lot of animals in there, haven’t for awhile though.

My favorite are bats because on some primitive level they are scary. They swoop around at high speed when I turn the light on. I’ve come back to the studio with them hanging on the inside of leather-hard mugs, like their own little New York Studio apartment. Also once after coming back from a play, which just happened to be “Dracula”, I went to the studio to check on pots before going to the house and when I turned on the lights a bat started flying around and around the ceiling. Superstiton did a tap dance on the throat of my logic that time. Although I do tend to exaggerate at times, this really happened.

My least favorite animal visitors are raccoons, they stomp in my slurry buckets, leave footprints all over and squash wet pots. I take this as a personal insult (as who would not?). They appear to be critical of the quality of the pots, as if they were “old school” professors or Japanese Masters.
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I posted this to Onerie, but thought it would be good to ask here too.
I am going to a Pampered Chef party tonight, & have never been to one before. I could really use some new cooking utensils, plus thinking about gifts. What do you all think of their line?

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