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Wow! Art Walk Grand Opening was great.

Many people came through the entire opening hours, The streets were blocked off, live music, people started dancing, a few booths with yummy foods and 36 Businesses with Art Displays. It was what a community should be IMHO. The people at the business where my work was displayed were exhausted and finally had to turn the lights off and kindly shoo the people after opening hours were over.

The bands were having such a good time they kept playing on Main Street even after their paid gig was over. Children laughed and played while the adults danced or just enjoyed the music and perfect, perfect weather.

It gives me such strenth to be around that much happiness.
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My Modern Pottery Guild is going to do a fund raiser for our projects tomorrow. The plan is we are going to haul some potter's wheels, clay, tools, etc. down to the Farmer's Market. The Moscow Farmer's Market is the center of the community, fresh produce, baked goods, live music, people trying to get you to sign petitions, etc.

The difference between a Saturday Market in a city and in a smallish town is that you know a big percentage of the people there, all the Politicos & causes, and more time is spent talking than shopping.

Back to pottery, our guild got permission to set up our wheels and offer 10 minutes of instruction on a wheel for $5. and the person participating gets to take home a wet pot they threw.
Further, we can insure they get a successful pot. We are going to wedge the clay properly, center it, and open it up for them. Unless someone is extremely careless... with the first and most essential steps done for them anyone can do it. They may not be pretty shapes, but a fun experience.
Anyway, fun to me.

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