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Christmas is different without small children.
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Many of you have "Secret Santas" at work before Christmas. You know the routine, pick a name of a co-worker from a jar, secretly leave little gifts for them all season, and whoever has picked your name does the name does the same for you.
You also know the gifts, cute teddy bears, cute Santas, cute teddy bears dressed as Santas, cute elves, cute teddy bears dressed as elves, etc.All beautifully wrapped.

Here is my approach: I was inspired by my son who when in high school, with his friend, used to walk around town Christmas Eve to friends houses giving friends and aquaintances cans of beets. So in that spirit I am giving my Secret Santa a can of green beans decorated with glitter and ribbon. Then the next day I'm giving her $1.37 in pennies & nickles in a pink fake-fur pouch I've sewn. Third day will be a pair of ankle socks stuffed with salt and pepper packets, maybe a christmas wreath made from glued together lentils.

I'm trying to come up with more with the following self-instigated rules 1) it has to have a use, no piles of gravel for instance, 2) the hard one, I can't use art or craft to make it or they will know it's me, which is too bad because I would like to applique skulls on Christmas potholders. Any similar ideas out there?

I didn't do the more interesting gifts for my secret santa last year because the poor lady whose name I got was wound pretty tight and I was concerned a can of green beans would send her over the deep end. This year my secret santa has a sense of humor.

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