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Re-Interpreting Reality, The Art Show I mentioned several posts ago has it's opening Friday night. I was very upset over the conflict with KA&S for awhile, as I am so anxious to get out of town I wanted to be there early. However, I am not about to miss this opening which is a big deal for us local yokels. There will be 6 galleries between Pullman and Moscow involved. So I just pulled up the BGPs and now plan on getting to the hotel late Friday. I have a rider with me and she is good with the complicated plan I have laid out to get there.

My Altered Book is getting a lot more comments than my ceramics. This has begun to be a bit annoying as I'm hearing additional comments such as: "I didn't know you were an artist!" by people in the field who should know better. Whata they think I've been doing the past 35 years? :-P

The opening should be well-attended, mainly because there are so many artists in it if each one of them comes & brings 1 person we will be rubbing elbows. I really am excited to see it though.
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I did so much stuff, I was exhausted by the time to go to the day job Monday. All the stuff I had to do didn't get completed either, if there was one more day of the weekend I would be golden.
Primarily, what I did was glaze pottery for our fourth annual "Mud and Spirits" show in Coeur d'Alene next weekend. (Where the heck did the year go?) It's an all-pottery sale there should be about 25 potters there & I am looking forward to it. I had a good time and made good sales the past three years. I like the other potters there. I am trying a few new things, such as simple jewelry pieces. In spite of being simple the durn jewelry pieces are fussy, fussy, fussy in all stages of their development.
I was very pleased with the glazes on this load, lots of depth, lots of interest, the kind of glazes you want to lick. And, typical of a great firing for me, the glazes went ballistic. They ran, they dripped, they spit, they plucked. My poor (and expensive) kiln shelves.
Got a sooper special cassarole out of the firing for a patient Lady too.
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Mud and Spirits was fun. I don't exactly know how much I made because the C.A.G.N.I. folk organized the payments and will send an inventory and a check. I know I covered expenses, but don't have an idea if I did better than last year. I would have loved to sell more, I had some to haul home of course.

It's about the nicest show we all do, the customers come because they want to buy pottery; it's not the casual entertainment wandering-around of most art fairs. But they also seem more courteous than others. Maybe it was just a good day, all around was happiness. Such a stark contrast to my weekly workday.

I picked Amby up from the spa this morning. His spa is in the country and I took a short cut on roads that were even more back country. The snow had drifted a foot and a half in some places. I plowed through them with the AWD and studded sawdusts. Dayum that was fun (POW, SWOOSH), I still have loads to do in the house here, but for a while considered finding more backroads and spending the day swooshing through them. (That would have had disaster written all over it.)
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