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Sep. 22nd, 2017 10:29 am
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Exercise has slowed down until my leg is better. I had a follow up visit with the Dr. and there's no complications, but it's still swollen and hurts, so I'm not walking long distances and doing the wall sit portion of the exercise challenge is right out. I'm still doing the tricep dips, although they're done in stages instead of all at once.

Food is going better. I made a huge batch of beef stew, which lasted us most of last week, and took some to my dad and stepmom. He's been having problems with his appetite, and he ate a whole bowl of stew, so I felt good about that. We also made oatmeal cookies and lemon pudding, but before anyone thinks this will set me back dietwise, I've found that if I allow myself treats, I don't tend to overeat. I haven't lost any more weight, but that's not really the point, and I haven't gained any.

I've had more energy and the depression/anxiety has been better this week. Work is going, and I don't feel like I'm getting too far behind, even with having one day a week going to see Dad, and the day after recovering.

I'm calling it a win.

Certain Companions

Sep. 21st, 2017 06:22 am
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.....Sometimes, an inspiration will just appear seemingly out of nowhere. Sort of like a dream sequence. I don't actually remember my dreams very often, and still worse forget them rapidly when I do wake up with them. Much to my regret. Although the below is awkward, and still needs a lot of help in rhyme, meter, and sequencing, I'm scribbling it down here in Live Journal so I remember it. The vision was especially vivid, even if the words recorded are not expressively so.

.....Language is an absolutely amazing thing. It is magical. And it takes skill, and practice, to use with any sort of artistic output. I will master this some day. :-)

A constant companion besides me strides
The figure brooding with encroaching night
His silence ponderous as Earthly tides
That extol passage with sonorous plight

His siblings often in greeting will shout
Their own devices in prominent view
One holds a glass, sand flowing with no doubt
And one holds threads strong, bright shining with dew

I ran on pathways filled always with fear
For I would not speak nor their purpose seek
If I let go, allowing Courage near
New friends would not allow me to be weak.

Let go of fear and embrace your real life
The journey is love removing all strife

.....The sonnet is such a tight medium. It is difficult to distill an expansive thought to such a short verse. But well worth the exercise. :-)

.....Aaron / Arontius.


Sep. 13th, 2017 01:10 pm
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I love a good series, especially ones with character arcs.  That said, it's almost unfair to compare the next two books.

After the snarkworthy Emerald Eye of the Tsar series, the possibility of a better read with the newest Bruno book, The Templar's Last Secret, made my day.  I like Martin Walker's series.  He does a great job of teaching you a little history within a modern framework.  The Bruno series has flirted with a lot of France's dark past.  Walker builds intricate plots that his hero, Bruno, sleepwalks through.  Bruno is a nice guy.  End of characterization.  Oh, supposedly he feels pain at the loss of the Great Love in his Life, but you get told this, instead of feeling any of his lovesickness.  Women love Bruno; Bruno loves women; he also loves to cook and is wildly popular.  Plot-driven stories aren't my favorites, but I'll still request the next book in the series from the library.  I just wish they didn't all have the same feel to them, no matter what the plot.

Hooray for Libraries!  Just as I turned old Bruno back in, I got a notice that the newest Longmire mystery, The Western Star, was waiting for me.  Just fell back in love with reading.  Johnson can really write characters.  Old Walt Longmire has actual pain and flaws and interactions with other characters who feel real.  Plus, Johnson can write and plot and, well, he's damn near perfect after all the crap I've been trying to read the last several months.  I tried limiting myself to how much I got to read each time I opened the book to make it last a little bit longer.  It worked.  Sorta.  Instead of four comfy sessions, it was two reasonable ones and one "leave me alone until the book's finished or I'll bite your head off."  Yeah, that kind of read.  Darn Johnson pulled a cliffhanger on me that kept me awake last night. 

Netflix has us in the midst of three series.  Well, two, since I'm hanging onto S2 of Borgin until we can watch it all in a go.  We're halfway through both S2 of The Expanse and Arn, Knight Templar (no relation whatsoever to the Bruno book).  The Expanse has really improved.  The look was always beautiful, but the acting?  Eh.  This season, the characters all work.  Arn was a surprise.  Most medieval movies suck so badly.  Arn looks great most of the time, the power of the Church makes sense, and it charges through its plot without spoonfeeding the audience.  If you don't know anything about the late twelfth century, you'll miss a lot of the plot and have to settle for glorious shots of Oltramare and Norway.

Real life has been all about canning.  Yeah.  Exciting.

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