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I have spent a couple of days at ISB for my residency. It's enjoyable. They asked me to come in several extra days. The planned residency starts next week. Today I was a volunteer though, a chaperone for Beatrice's class field trip. Beijing drivers don't change just for children. The bus stopped to let the little 4 year olds off and a driver behind us got so mad at the wait she got out of her car and went up to the driver and screamed at him, not speaking Mandarin one supposes it was to move the bus. As well as the bus driver, the gentle soul Pre-school teacher screamed right back at her, even more impressive since Miss Suzanne is American. I guess one catches on to the language. I salute her, she was great.

Since it isn't cool to show photos of school kids, more gratuitous museum pics:
This jar is the favorite pot I have seen so far. You can't see the under shape but it is exquisite. T'ang dynasty of course.

These statues are gold and about 7" tall. I suspect some cross-pollination, the bird/griffin's beaks look Sythian. This section of the Museum was al T'ang dynasty, but maybe not as the labels were all in Chinese.

This is another of my favorites, a porcelain bag-shaped pot. So beautiful.

This fierce guard is about 3feet tall. The care and skill taken to do his face compared to his hand makes me wonder if different craftsmen made different parts.

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