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All my thoughts and energies now are on my trip to China. My son found us several side trips to take, so it looks like I will be going weeks earlier than originally planned. Sept. 28th is what we are talking now. I am anxiously waiting for my “letter of invitation” to China. I am really rushing trying to get some of the chores done with a total inability to concentrate. Finding health travel insurance, visas, finding vaccinations since there isn’t any place in the Palouse that does rabies apparently. Deciding which vaccinations to take, I checked the CDC site and a senior travel guide, they seem to err on the side of caution. I fortunately had an appointment with my primary care physician this week and we discussed which vaccines were ones I really should have and those that I could have done if I wanted to. I told her I looked on the “traveling for Senior Citizens” site and she said I was least like any senior citizen she knew of. I am inordinately pleased by that, but in the back of my mind my sister is saying: “that’s because you’re immature.” ;-) Then she said she wanted to friend me on Facebook to follow my travels. That also made me inordinately pleased.

Side trips include: the Great Wall, the terra cotta warriors, two traditional pottery villages my son found, we hope they are actually pottery villages rather than pottery factory towns which would make me puke. But the most exciting side trip (who knows the other trips may be greater) is a trip to Mongolia!!!! Eeek! We are going to fly into Ulaanbaatar, then take a jeep out into the Nomad country, stay in a yurt for a couple of nights. My son is working out the details. I did ask my physician if it was OK to drink mare’s milk. She proscribed me antibiotics in case of diarrhea. Oh My God I am excited.

Every time my son emails me or calls me about the trip I get so excited that I can’t focus for ½ day. I am not exaggerating. I am only able to focus at the potters wheel, but then I don’t get this other stuff done. I am making a large bunch of small ceramic bowls to give out as thank-yous and other gifts. I was sorry I did not do this when I went to Cambodia.
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