Apr. 28th, 2017

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Working primarily on pottery for the Moscow (Modern) Renaissance Fair. Especially I am working on hoping for no rain.

The PWA isn't associated with the Ren Fair at all, meaning they scheduled a gallery opening the same time. I will have to give the opening a miss, which makes me sad as they are always fun, even though it is mostly our own members who show up for them. The theme for the show is "A Stitch In Time", and I have (what I consider) a funny, non-functional, pottery entry. I will miss hearing my friend's comments on it. I was also going to have an appliqued bog coat and bag, but in spite of the huge amount of time I have spent on it, it is still far from being done.

I always enjoy the Fair, it's a good place to connect with people I haven't talked to for a long time. And is uplifting.

I am going on the Climate March tomorrow too, or at least starting out, I am a little gimpy and may not be able to travel far. But starting out, or ending up, is what counts.

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