Oct. 29th, 2016

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Writing about the Great Wall of China is like writing about the terra cotta Warriors, but moreso. It is so epically, immensely big, that photos can't possibly do it justice. It can be seen going over and a little down the mountainside, sometimes taking great dips down a valley. But we can only see a small portion at a time.

So here are some totally inadequate photos:

My son says that if someone walks the entire length of the great wall they are awarded a gold medal. Some of the areas look quite impassable.

This is the area where I spent the most time, it was close to the road so we were able to park nearby. I wanted to do some drawing in my travel journal, but it was so cold I could only get some preliminary sketches done then finished back at the apartment from my photos. Not what I had hoped.
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It was persimmon season. Persimmon trees drop all their leaves and leave the ripe, neon orange, persimmons hanging. Trees are dotted all over up to the Great Wall. My son said fruit trees were planted for the soldiers manning the wall. So presumably these modern fruits are descended from those.
There are merchants all over selling persimmons and nuts, sometimes ugly plastic toys, everywhere you go. They are persistent, yelling, pestering hucksters. I would probably buy more stuff if I knew the price and didn't have the language barrier. We are very aware that as foreigners we are being charged more than the Native Chinese. But in these cases I don't really care if they get a couple of extra yen, the people have so little to live on.

In this photo, my son was pretty sure we didn't get the pounds of fruit we bought and argued with the merchant a little. She brought out her scale to prove we did. (Such an honest looking scale). I wanted to take a photo of the scale and she thought I was further mistrusting her, but the funkiness of the scale was my intention.

Another beautiful site was this mountain near the mountains of the Great Wall. It must consist of all stone and looks like such an anomaly in the midst of the green mountains:

And because there can never be enough wall space. A lot of people walk here, so a lot of the wall has been repaired, still...those steps:

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