Mar. 17th, 2016

morgaina: (snow)
I am downright curmudgeonly about the weather. Snow every day this week so far, not much, but enough to bring the grump out. Things do change rapidly though, yesterday snow in the morning and a beautiful, beautiful smidgen of sun by the late afternoon. Friends and I are worried about our fruit trees coming into bloom, and then attacked and decimated by Old Man Winter.

This is probably happening all over the United States, a friend of mine is about to lose her job. She is an ESL teacher at WSU and they are cutting their faculty in half at the end of the semester. Foreign students are going back home at the end of the semester and few new enrollments. The students and, it is supposed, their families are afraid because of the hate rhetoric in current politics. This just hurts y heart. We are better than this.

What I am looking forward to: 1st, of course China. It is making me sort of crazy that there aren't regular updates about progress and plans.
2nd. Going over to Daedin’s, see #1
3rd. Culinary Symposium.
4th Crown
I might go visit Celadon in Los Angeles this Summer. Hope that will happen and that I can afford it. Gavin is having a show in September, a much shorter drive to see him, so I definitely plan to see his show.

What I am working on Pottery of course, I go out to the studio about every day, I don't necessarily accomplish much, but at least something. I am also drawing for the Sketchbook Project which I am enjoying. I have some plein air sketches I would like to do, but not unless the weather improves a ton!

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