Feb. 1st, 2016

morgaina: (pit firing)
Weather: Wind, cold, snow, rain, repeat ad nauseum.
Amby: getting older and quieter, the only time he really misbehaves now is when someone comes to the house, then he goes ape shit. He was climbing both the walls and my sister when she stopped by yesterday. But then she does always refer to him as ”the bad dog”. I’m cutting her some slack though as the meaning has gone out of her life now that Downton Abbey is over. I’m going to take her ”Cranford” DVDs, which she will like, but they wont fill the hole left.

SCA: Local group is doing well, more people are stepping up. This is happy.
Regional I have been A&S regional reporting deputy for probably too long. It has always been like pulling teeth to get people to report. And occasionally, like this quarter, people actually get mad at me when I write them back and say they have to include their membership information, or ask them to send their report in a different application that I can open. This floors me, but I know its about something else and this/I was an easy target. Hum, perhaps I should send them one of my unqualified, but free, psychoanalysis.
And Kingdom I have inadvertently got caught up in some stuff in which I very honestly had no personal agenda. I am feeling quite centered though, somewhere between disappointed and amused.

pottery: Still glowing in the light of a spiffy cleaned studio. getting a tiny bit done. Too much time spent admiring how clean things are. A couple of local shows coming up. I do wish people who come to the shows would actually BUY something occasionally.

Other art: Haven't actually started my entry for ”The Sketchbook Project”, although my sketchbook has arrived and, after much deliberation I finally decided on which theme ”Faithful Friends”. Not the sexiest of titles offered, but I have the most ideas for it.
I taught an adult brush and ink class at the Artisans Barn yesterday. It was very rewarding, people took to It were appreciative, and enthusiastic.

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