Jan. 21st, 2016

morgaina: (Exeter jug)
Weather: so much of my day to day existence right now revolves around the weather and its consequences. We get snow or rain most days, just a little of both, but it adds up. It's a mess outside and an ice rink path to the studio. I will be so happy to see the end of this. On the good side it seems like the extremes of deep snow and below zero temps are behind us. That's a relief.

pottery: I haven't actually made any pottery since before Christmas. I didn't want to fight the weather to go back and forth to the studio. Recently however, I've been in daily and cleaning up. I can't adequately express how dirty it was. Between clay dust, smoke and whatever the stuff is from wood fired stove, and normal lack-of-cleaning-up, it is amazing. I'm purging as well as cleaning up. There was (and is) an awfully lot of work that has sat unsold and unused in the studio for years. So I am taking the hammer to it. I have broken many, many pots and am going to continue to do the same. They are pots I am tired of looking at, had some small flaw, aren't that great, etc. So they go. When I am done I expect it to be very liberating and I will feel like starting over fresh. I would actually like to start over with nothing at all in my studio, but that's not going to happen. So I am breaking as many as I can stand to break.

Other Art: I have realized why I am so on and off about my other art interests, drawing, design, embellishment, sewing, bookbinding, etc. Whereas I work at pottery almost every day. On some level I consider pottery a job and the other things I do a hobby. I need to even that out a little more. I have a couple of schemes to address that. I keep an journal in my computer files and write almost daily, although about boring things such as the weather, and what I am going to do that day. An idea from Pinterest is do a journal sketchbook. Most journal sketchbooks I have seen examples of are a little corny IMHO and focus on something like "I am woman finding who I am" or something similar. I am thinking of a sketchbook that is much more mundane, something like trees I saw that day. Not sure how I will approach the other medias I want to work on.

Drawing: I'm realizing how lazy I am with drawing, not just getting them done, but the time and effort I put in on the drawing itself. My sketch journal won't help with that as that lends itself to quick. I may have to go back to drawing from photographs.

My Family: I think they are still out there. I don't have reason to believe otherwise. Actually phoned my sister on her birthday, got the date wrong and phoned her the day before. She was not amused, by this error and I got a cold, clipped conversation from her.

SCA: See "My Family" above.

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